Lukaku admits “mental problems” in 2018: “Soon I will talk about it”

06/24/2021 at 12:20 PM CEST

One of the fashionable strikers in this European Championship is Romelu lukaku. The Belgian has become the mainstay of the ‘red devils’ with the midfielder Kevin de Bruyne to take his team to a new round of 16.

In the midst of his concentration in Euro 2020 and before traveling to Seville for the round of 16 match against Portugal, Lukaku He decided to answer several questions from his fans on his Twitter with total transparency, and revealed, among other things, a difficult episode three years ago related to his mental breakdown.

“I went through some mental issues in 2018 and I’m going to talk about it very soon.”Lukaku acknowledged. In 2018, Lukaku was a soccer player for Manchester United.

“We played cards, ‘NBA 2K’, ‘Call of Duty’ …”, commented on the Belgian concentration.

On the criticism, Lukaku was clear: “I don’t give a damn about them. My work is what shows my mentality. I always try to improve and the most important thing is to win games. “

Recent Serie A champion, in Milan, Lukaku has returned to one of the best moments of his career, and part of it is due to Thierry Henry, who recommended a change of diet: “Henry is what I need. But all the selection benefits from his advice. “

Surrenders to Isak

Another of the fashionable forwards in the Euro is the Swedish Aleksander isak, which after his season at Real, has become a name on the agendas of big clubs like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Lukaku dedicated some motivating words to him: “The future is bright for him.”

Regarding his preferences on the field, Lukaku is clear who is, for him, the best midfielder in the world: “Kevin De Bruyne, no question. I’d like to take him to Anderlecht. And the toughest defender I have faced is Vincent Kompany. He knows me well. “

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