Luka Romero, ‘The Mexican Messi’ will be the new reinforcement of Lazio in Serie A

The so-called ‘Mexican Messi’ Luka Romero, 16-year-old player of the Majorca from Spain, ends his link to the club this June 30 and will be a new player of the Lazio from Serie A, where he will have his first professional contract.

Romero, who became the youngest player to debut in La Liga, decided not to continue in the Mallorca team and Lazio launched a striking offer for the player, who in the next season will wear white and blue.

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The player rejected Mallorca’s offer and, given the player’s refusal, the club did not improve the offer, so Romero was released as he did not have a contract with the team.

Luka Romero, Mexican player by birth and would have already chosen the Argentine National Team to represent internationally.

In La Segunda División, Romero played 6 games, while in the Copa del Rey he appeared twice.

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