Lebron James, as Luka Doncic, He was All Star in his second season in the NBA after becoming one of the stars of the league with impressive numbers at the height of the best in the competition.

If we compare them both in his second years, it must be said that the Slovenian player has better numbers both individually and collectively (his Dallas Mavericks perform better than the Cleveland Cavaliers of the already distant 2004/05 season.

In his second year LeBron averaged 27.2 points, 7.2 assists and 7.4 rebounds per game in 42.4 minutes of play per game.

Luka Doncic, at the moment, is averaging 28.7 points, 9.3 rebounds and 8.7 assists in 33.3 minutes of play per game.

The Cavaliers stayed out of the playoffs that season 2004/05 despite ending with a positive record of 42 wins and 40 losses. They equaled the record of the New Jersey Nets, who for having better results in direct confrontations ended up playing the postseason.

Everything indicates that Luka Doncic’s Dallas Mavericks are going to qualify for the playoffs (there are 8 games left to play and they are 7 games ahead of the eighth (they are seventh at the moment) and 10.5 to the ninth. They have accumulated to date 40 wins and 27 defeats.

So, if we look at the statistics, we can say that Luka Doncic’s second season in the NBA is doing better than LeBron’s second season. But this is not just about statistics, it is also about sensations, and in that sense there are no doubts with the Slovenian either: it will be a crack in the long term.

To say that he will be better than LeBron would not make any sense, but that he will be a great player in the league, there is no doubt.