Luka Doncic, lead Dallas Mavericks 2021 playoff goal

It has cost, but a very complete gear is already observed in these Dallas mavericks. The management of the Texan team made a notable effort to continue providing the team with talent and competitive weapons, aware that Luka doncic and their winning gene were not going to tolerate stagnation. Breaking with fundamental pieces of one of the best offensive teams in history in order to acquire packaging and defensive consistency, caused certain problems at the beginning, but in recent months everything flows as the Slovenian dreamed. Doncic continues to shine, he makes his teammates play and gives the Mavs a power that leads them to present an 11-2 record in March. All without Kristaps Porzingis.

When in a competition as demanding and tough as the NBA, five consecutive wins are chained and one is able to win back-to-back with recurrence, it is evident that there is wood from an aspiring team to important things. Doncic knew little about falling in the first round of the playoffs last year, so his desire is to climb positions in the Western Conference to ensure he does not play the cumbersome play-in and have a more affordable matchup. The negative drift of the Lakers may distort the classification at the end of the year, but the Texans are already 2 games behind the Portland Trail Blazers and 2.5 behind the Los Angeles, being the achievement of both an exciting goal for them.

The Dallas Mavericks’ plausible goal is to finish in the top 5 in the Western Conference.

If they continue in this dynamic, it would not be unreasonable for them to continue to climb positions and become clear candidates for something more. The experience accumulated last year in the playoffs and the presumable incorporation of Porzingis to the team when he is recovered, can endow Dallas mavericks a very interesting powerhouse heading into the postseason. Luka doncic He is an Imperial player who, as soon as he looks good surrounded and continues to increase his confidence, could surprise anyone. Taking on an inexperienced team like the Phoenix Suns or another of his level, like the Trail Blazers, in the first round seems very appealing for the Slovenian and his henchmen.