Luka Doncic is a true star in the NBAOf that there is no doubt. The Slovenian is marveling in his second season and there is not a day that he was not compared to some of the best players in history. This time it has been Rick Carlisle, his coach at the Dallas Mavericks, the one who has compared Doncic to Dirk Nowitzki. Few players can resist putting their name next to the former German player, but Luka makes history every match and is making it.

Doncic shared a dressing room with Nowitzki last season and according to his coach he tried to learn every day from the German legend, especially from his competitiveness: “They are united by an intense desire to win. An intense desire to be great companions and to be leaders, but each in a different way. Dirk was a quieter leader. Luka is becoming a leader who uses the word more, « he said.

Carlisle coached Nowitzki for 11 seasons, including the ring one in 2011, so he knows perfectly well what the German is like. Now he has had the good fortune to help Doncic start his career and opines as his player JJ Barea, who a few days ago commented that the Slovenian was going to be even better in the Playoffs: “I continue to see his level of play rise in all areas. Working hard. When the team sees its star go deep, everyone else does too, « said the Texans coach.

During his career he has learned from the best

Luka Doncic has always been a player who has tried to learn from all his teammates and luckily for him he has shared costumes during his short career with stars in Europe and in the NBA. The luck of playing in the old continent before beginning its history in the best league in the world is to be able to learn from the experiences of more veteran players who have fought for the most important titles.

Llull, Felipe Reyes, Rudy in Madrid, Goran Dragic in Slovenia and Nowitzki or JJ Barea himself in the Mavericks are players who have won everything. Worlds, Europeans, Euroleagues or rings are found in the showcases of these Doncic teammates, which has helped him forge a winning mentality that is observed in each training session.

Therefore, Doncic will compete in his first Playoffs of the many he will play in his career and both his dressing roommates and his coach think that the spectacular version that the Slovenian has shown in the regular season is nothing for what we are going to do. teach in the postseason.

There are only a few days left for the NBA to restart in Orlando and the teams of the Western Conference already know that they have to be very careful with a player who has marveled all year and we have much to see.