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The Mexican influencer Luisito Comunica was very happy on social networks when he announced the news that he had made a great acquisition, which consisted of the purchase of an apartment in a region near the sea, in Venezuela, a country of which it was said in love.

Through his social networks, Luisito Comunica shared some photos of his new house and the incredible view it has, since the apartment is just one street from the sea, in the region of Lechería in Venezuela, which he liked a lot when he was just visiting.

But as if that were not enough, Luisito was very happy and surprised by the way the apartment was delivered to him, as well as the cost for which he acquired the property, since it cost him only 20 thousand dollars, that is, 400 A thousand pesos.

According to Luisito Comunica, the apartment was delivered fully furnished, from the living room furniture, the bedding, the kitchen, the bathroom, and even with cutlery, glasses, cutlery and everything necessary to be able to inhabit it without making a great investment.

In a video of approximately 15 minutes, which he uploaded to his YouTube channel, Luisito Comunica showed how his new residence was delivered to him, which he commented that he is thinking of renting for 300 dollars a month (six thousand pesos).

During the tour of his new house, Luisito showed all the aspects of his house and said that he had suddenly heard some noises that came from what would be the roof, implying that he bought the highest apartment in the building, so he waits that the noises you hear are birds and not rats.

However, it should be noted that Luisito said that being a foreigner it was difficult to make purchases of real estate or any type of investment in Venezuela, but that thanks to his girlfriend Arianny Tenorio, who is originally from that country, the procedures were much simpler.

It should be noted that the influencer, who has more than 37 million subscribers on YouTube, has shown interest in investments in various areas, such as his clothing business, telephone line, his tequila brand and his two restaurants.

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