After having been at the center of the controversy and having been involved in a case of gender violence – despite the fact that she went out to clarify the situation and ensure that she was not a victim- Luisana Lopilato she broke the silence and gave an interview in which she spoke of the public accusations that fell on her husband, Michael Bublé.

It was during a live mobile for Intruders from his home in Canada. While talking about the premiere of Hunch, the original Netflix movie that she starred opposite Joaquín Furriel, Jorge Rial broke the ice by insinuating that if she was uncomfortable she would touch her hair. It happens that in recent weeks a series of videos with extracts were viralized that were taken from the live broadcasts that the Argentine actress made with the international singer. According to Luisana’s account, the images were edited to make it look like she was asking for help through social media.

“I do not want to give so much importance to this topic because it really is not important to me. Mike is a man with all the letters. He is a gentleman. He’s all the time thinking about how to make me happier. And I’m not saying it because I believe myself a thousand, even the people who are with me know him and know how he is. We suffer a lot as a family, as to give these things time. In this house there is no more space than for love“Said the actress who defended her husband, as she had already done during another live broadcast.

She also assured that she suffered due to the rejection her husband received on social networks. “If they wanted to hurt me, they did it. I felt pain because I went out to explain and tell what my truth was and it was not enough for many. They were still feeding something that was not true, ”said who also stressed that he read“ a lot of love ”from his followers.

“I read things like ‘she believes in God, she’ll be quiet for sure.’ No, I’m not stupid nor am I going to shut up if something like this happens to me. I know perfectly where I have to go“Lopilato emphasized and stressed that” Mike would not allow it either. “

For his part, he maintained that he received threats through social networks. “At some point I felt fear”, He admitted and explained that messages arrived with photos of weapons in which they told him “that they were going to kill Mike when he arrived in Argentina.” “Pictures of a razor and they said: ‘We are going to cut your fingers.’ It’s not nice that they threaten you with death

“I suffered a lot. This family suffered greatly. In my house the only thing there is is love. Nothing else“He added and said that Bublé also got bad before the rejection he received through social networks.

Lopilato was upset that there was talk of gender violence in her marriage when she came out to clarify that this was not the case. “While we speak now there is a woman who is dying”, he indicated trying to make visible the cases of femicide that occur in the country. “That is not a cheetah. Women are dying. “

“Mike is my life partner. It is my family, “he added and ended the issue.

Then she assured that her son “is fine” and that after being discharged, he should have controls every three months and that now they are every six. “Cancer is a long way. Thank goodness my son is fine. I am a woman of great faith, I trust that my son will be well and I will have him for many years. There is no other possibility in my head

“Did you doubt the faith?” Asked Jorge Rial. “Not of my faith,” the actress replied without hesitation and assured that she had asked herself many questions back then. In addition, he thanked the amount of prayers he received from people who come to this day. “It was nice to know that we were not alone. And that all those people were with us. “

He explained that the two years after the diagnosis of his son, it was difficult for him to “talk about it.” “Then, little by little, I was loosening up. I also don’t want my son to carry this all his life. He is already well. He knows what happened to him. “

“Noah is six years old, but he looks 15, because of how he speaks it and how he tells what happened to him”He continued, adding that the talk they had back then about the illness he had “was natural.” “You may not know the word, but you do know the treatment that was done and the problems that come with that treatment. We, beyond being young, do not speak to our children as young, but as adults. We tell him what as parents we can share with them ”.

In addition, he spoke of Lifetime, his daughter of almost two years. “It is our life, it is the light that we have every day in my house. It brought us joys, smiles. She is the head of the house. She is a year and a half but is more advanced than the boys. She goes swimming alone, speaks both languages, translates. You know what you want to eat. He asks you. It gives us a lot of happiness every day. “