Luis Villarejo’s Thursdays: The Bell of Thebes

LaLiga Impulse. The entrance of the American CVC fund. 2,700 million euros. All a bell of Javier Tebas to shield LaLiga and serve as a relief to Spanish clubs. The agreement allows Joan Laporta to ensure the continuity of Leo Messi. And Real Madrid, without being a fan of the new scenario, gives them air to go with more strength for Mbappé.

The days pass. TO Messi We only saw him on the holiday boat and the ticking went on mercilessly. The water reached Barça up to the neck. On August 13, LaLiga Santander begins with a Valencia-Getafe and the atmosphere was not good at all. Now, we understand why. It was necessary to urgently collect this percentage, in the case of the two referents, more than 200 million euros, of which 15 percent – more than 40 – is destined to refloat Messi.

Laporta with Florentino.

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The real Madrid has its way. Goes for Mbappe upside down. Before and now. Bottomless and bottomless. Even if the rest of the squad have to be ‘Pavones’. Nothing happens. Carlo Ancelotti is delighted with Miguel Gutiérrez, Antonio Blanco and Sergio Arribas. Fortunately, to be able to mix the new crack of world football if for this you have to renounce the middle class. The guys that Raúl has trained in Castilla are valid.

Tebas knows that the global product without Messi suffers. LaLiga rights are sold alone. But it is not a good sign, that even today, three years after going to Juventus, the Classic is still being talked about abroad as the Cristiano – Messi duel. Something is wrong. This week I heard a soccer sheik from an Emirate talk about this pair. The trademark of that challenge still resonates around the world. It is urgent to invent a new challenge. That of Messi – Cristiano was a brutal loudspeaker.


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Angel Torres, the president of Getafe raised the alarm a few days ago. Economic control, yes, always, but be careful not to register Messi. People subscribe to Getafe for various reasons, one of them marked on the calendar in red, to see Messi live, a privilege that they cannot afford otherwise.

There was quiet noise in the clubs. And maximum concern. No need to wait any longer. The anxiety is over. The investment fund is a new industry partner that aspires to ponder digital entertainment and transform the fan experience. They already have experience in Six Nations Rugby. They are not rookies. It is a venture capital fund that obviously is not going to give anything away. Your business plan will be comprehensive and demanding.

A few weeks ago, at a private dinner, very close to the headquarters of this investment fund, on Serrano Street, experts from this business talked about the large amount of American funds that are willing to invest in football. They talked about a lot, a lot of money. You sometimes argue that an asymmetric, emotion-based investment is profitable. But it is, because Javier Tebas has managed a last minute agreement, which has left the world of football stunned and speechless. Thebes dominates the board with this gesture of might.

Not only the big clubs smile. The midsize and emerging also cry with joy. Everyone at their level, can breathe. COVID has damaged structures. Impossible signings were naively requested, in a scenario unrecognizable for society and for the world of football.

New times are coming. Interesting, no doubt. The first club in Spain is close to going public. The Intercity CF will be the first. From Playa de San Juan, in Alicante. A model club to date, which will already serve after several promotions, this year, in the 2nd RFEF. Leads it Javier Mira, one of the executives of the moment in Spain, with his technological FacePhi, National Award for the company of the year, delivered by King Felipe VI. The value of digital identity, Spanish talent, example of R + D + I. Salvador Martí is the club’s president and Juanfran Torres, a former Atlético de Madrid player, one of its reference shareholders. Soon, the bell will be ringing on the parquet. Alvaro Arbeloa and his brothers did it this month with great success with MioGroup, a marketing and digital transformation consultancy.


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The Intercity is just a detail. Of formats and investment ideas that believe in Spanish football. And of the business models that land in the ecosystem. The Atlético de Madrid increased capital this summer to the value of 181.5 million euros, following the entry of the US fund Ares Management.

In football there are several trends. There are more conservative theses, for example the one defended by clubs like the Sevilla FC, moderating spending instead of capturing unpublished income, seeking financial balance. But the market shows that the search for new resources is endless. Someday LaLiga will be able to sell digital rights on other planets. Imagination has no limits.

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