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Luis de la Fuente leads a group of young lads, with ambition, who have already put football in the quarterfinals of the JJ. OO. It was good for Spain to leave Sapporo, the mountainous island of Hokkaido, in northern Japan, where the myth in skiing began Paquito Fernandez Ochoa at the ’72 Winter Games. Breathing the air of the village in Tokyo was a relief. The days before ‘Covid jail’ were hard.

From the source it is always didactic. Restless, curious, wanting to always learn in his life, he squeezes every moment of his experiences to give meaning to his ideas. It is a type of sports center in the strictest sense of the word. There are soccer people who discard other inbound sports on their roadmap. Luis de la Fuente, do not. Quite the opposite. And so he appreciates the lesson of humility and simplicity that his team has experienced in the Olympic dining room, waiting in line with his tray to choose the food. It is a way out of the bubbles where footballers usually live armored, especially those from the big clubs.

An unusual gesture. Footballers never stand in single line in their lives. Everything is VIP. For this reason, the Olympic Games bring together, unite, structure and the most intelligent always benefit from these experiences. Surely from each experience in Tokyo, From the source He brings out emotional oil to elevate his speech. And the thing is that football is often much closer to other sports.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Mikel Merino’s goal celebration in Spain-Argentina. Tokyo 2020.

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One always remembers the influence it had Valero Rivera placeholder image, handball demiurge, now in Qatar, in Pep Guardiola when viewing the option to load the game on the one hand, download on the other; a concept that comes from handball, or the obsession with chess, the importance of openings and his interest in and encounters with Magnus Carlsen.

Luis de la Fuente is sociable, a fan of good athletics. Will be pending soon to see the new relay of Usain bolt, of if Trayvon Bromell it will be his relief; he will enjoy the 1,500 like any good fan of the Games, and of course, if he can, he will try to converse with Mireia Belmonte, whom he admires, and with his coach, Fred Vergnoux, an always interesting character in the preparation of medalists.

Spain reaches the quarterfinals with good football, with absolute governance of the game, but with a remarkable lack of aim. As a consolation, the blur of definition cannot be repeated many times. Oyarzábal or Dani Olmo, who had this Wednesday against Argentina, occasions of all colors. Spain made life difficult, drew a tight 1-1 despite going over his rival at all times. Suffer to enjoy, José Antonio Camacho always said as the motto of his libretto. But Spain always suffers for little moments that should not exist. Because his dominance of the game is often insulting.

Ivory Coast will be the next enemy. A selection where all its players, except its goalkeeper Eliezer Ira, play outside their country and stand out in Europe. Your look for insignia is Franck Kessie. AC Milan midfielder, revelation in Italy this season. They call him ‘Il Presidente’. One fine day he parked in the parking lot of the CEO of the club, Ivan Gazidis. An employee caught his eye. And when he found out who the place was occupied, he replied with humor that he was the President. And so it stayed. With a nickname that allows him to be one of the great assets of the team. Has already communicated to Paolo Maldini that his dream is to continue in Milan.

Football | Spain-Argentina: A quarterfinal with approved scraping (1-1)

Max gradel, its captain, puts offensive hierarchy and dynamism. From the left, Gradel It will be a dagger against Spain, especially without an ex officio right back as Oscar Gil is sanctioned. Jesús Vallejo, you must be attentive.

The JJOO they are a good setting for recruitment. The scenario has two options. One, go unnoticed. As teams like Germany or France, which have sent teams made with scraps, ‘bric a broc’, which would drir in France, where footballers like Max kruse They have become popular for proposing to his girlfriend rather than for playing soccer. And the second alternative is to hit the table and come out reinforced. The JJOO They are also grateful in giving image to emerging soccer players. Brazil has given the rush to Richarlison and Spain also has the opportunity to focus on footballers such as Cucurella, Mikel Merino or Rafa Mir, who were not in the Eurocup at the orders of Luis Enrique.

Gold is expensive. But it gives credit and prestige. Kiko He always tells it. That goal of his in the final of Barcelona ’92 Against Poland it was the goal that helped him to be a footballer. Real footballer, the kind that appears on TV. The goal, he narrates it, put him at the level of Pep, of Abelardo, of Ferrer, of Alfonso, of all those who were already very professional.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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