Luis Treviño Chapa: The client "on demand"

  Luis Treviño Chapa Luis Treviño Chapa Source: Courtesy

The cthrough Louis CK tells a humorous reflection in one of his shows. He claims that we currently live in the era of constant disagreement. People are no longer happy with anything. One of the examples he uses to support his argument is that, for example, it is typical to hear people complaining about their experiences on commercial flights. They tell them as if they were horror stories. Some people get upset, for example, when there is rdelays to take off, or because there is very little space between the seats, or even because the Internet service in the cabin does not work well.

But Louis CK ends by saying; “But they don’t realize that they are flying like a bird does? You are participating in the great miracle of human flight! What do you not see that you are sitting in a chair … IN HEAVEN? That in itself is surprising. Today, it takes a person 5 hours to get from New York to California; before it took them 30 … but not hours, but years! ” And he concludes by saying: “every time we get on a plane we should be amazed as if we were in an amusement park”.

It’s comical, but it’s also real. It seems that we already are indifferent to great scientific discoveries and technological transformations. We despair if the videoconference signal that we have on our cell phone becomes out of date, without being surprised by the fact that the other person is, perhaps, in Spain, Thailand or Germany. We get angry if we don’t find a good movie in the catalog of more than cfour thousand content options in Netflix.

As customers we have undergone a metamorphosis where we lost our capacity for wonder and the main reason is most likely due to the fact that those companies that offer an extraordinary product or service (as Disney, Uber or Amazon usually do) cause that, eventually Let’s expect the same of all other companies. They are “getting us used to it”, because they have the ability to respond to us any day at any time; regardless of the schedule. Therefore, as clients, this modifies our lifestyle and by being served with this level of service, now we always expect the same kind of attention.

“On demand” is a term that became popular when the services of “streaming”(Like Netflix), where it was already possible to watch movies and TV series at any time. Using this concept, we can say that as technology has evolved, we are becoming clients “on demand”; where we are getting used to instant gratification and where it will become increasingly common to demand what we want, where we want it and when we want it. This trend will cause the new marketing tIt also has an “on demand” approach, and it will be necessary to have the capacity to meet these demands.

To deal with customers “on demand”, companies must change the way they work. Consider, for example, what Google calls “The moment of truth zero”. Before, the interaction of a customer with a business began when they arrived at the establishment. Today it is very likely that, when this happens, the person has already done a previous search on the Internet and already knows the products and prices. The client is already more informed, therefore, it is very important to have relevant content available anywhere they look for related information.

Another relevant action is to be available to dialogue with the client on multiple platforms. Marketing is no longer a monologue. The digital world allows people to interact with brands either on social networks, in “chat boxes”Or by WhatsApp. Technology allows the customer “on demand” to have direct and continuous communication with a business. Therefore, you must be present at all times to respond and attend.

It is also important to make the products available to buy almost anywhere. You and I could perhaps belong to the same “market segment”; even so, we can act totally different. The decisions we make about how to inform ourselves or how we shop vary from person to person. Take the example of athletes looking for a fuck to make a protein shake. There are some who prefer to go buy it in Soriana, others prefer to do it in GNC, others will prefer to do it by Amazon Mexico and others directly from the brand’s website. Therefore, now companies have to multiply the ways in which they can offer their products and services to the public because, if they are not available where they buy it, they will decide on some other option.

The customer “on demand” is raising the level of the game of companies and as much as you want to avoid it, you have no escape, it will continue to demand more and more; even and keep doing extraordinary things for him; still and that you lower the sky and the stars; what’s more, even if you take him to Mars, because the day you get him there, I wouldn’t be surprised if, even so, he ends up bothering him if you can’t get him an upgrade.

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