Luis Suárez’s Italian test was a sham: he was told the questions !!!

The scandal over Luis Suárez’s exam to obtain an Italian passport continues to talk. The Perugia Prosecutor’s Office has issued a statement in which it assures that the questions had been revealed to the Uruguayan: «The contents of the exam had been previously communicated, reaching the predetermination of the result and the score of the exam to correspond to the requests that Juventus had made in order to achieve a positive image.

«A ‘farce’ exam, which allowed the delivery of the certificate knowledge of the Italian language of type “B1” to the well-known Uruguayan footballer Luis Alberto Suárez, a prerequisite for obtaining citizenship, “the statement added. Today’s Atlético de Madrid striker knew that he would not continue at Barcelona, ​​and Juventus was presented as the main option. For this, he needed to obtain Italian nationality, since the club had covered the quota of non-EU citizens, something that did not happen in the mattress club.

Lucho’s idea, after learning that Koeman did not have him, was to sign for Juventus. But nevertheless, deadlines were very tight and he finally had to rule out option and ended up joining the ranks of Atlético in the place of an Álvaro Morata who was heading back to Turin, thus becoming the striker that the Bianconeri team was looking for.

Now, the Prosecutor’s Office has resolved that that examination was a fraud and that Juventus pressed for the procedures to be accelerated and Suárez could obtain Italian nationality as soon as possible. «The investigations also revealed how, in the first days of September 2020, the Turin club management took steps, even at the highest institutional levels, to ‘accelerate’ recognition of citizenship ».

Thus, the Public Ministry and the Economic Police Unit have decided to disable for eight months to the rector of the University for Foreigners of Perugia Giuliana Grego, the director Simone Olivieri and the professors Stefania Spina and Lorenzo Rocca, “for crimes of disclosing the official secret for improper profit and multiple falsehoods in public documents.”

During the search carried out on September 22, the Guardia di Finanza seized several documentary materials that have been analyzed in recent weeks. After researching and analyzing it thoroughly, have reached the conclusion that the Italian type B1 test to which Luis Suárez was subjected to achieve Italian nationality, and thus not occupy an extra-community position in case of signing for Juventus, it was a sham.