Luis Suárez’s hidden team

Esports are more fashionable every day. One of the players of the Atlético de Madrid who entertains playing the video console with them is Luis
Suarez. A few days ago on his Instagram account he published a video in which he was seen playing with his son Benja.

In the images you could see that the winner of the penalty shoot-out was Benja. Before the laughter of Luis Suarez It seems that in those familiar moments he is less competitive than on a pitch.

A penalty shoot-out in which Luis Suarez play against his Athletics defending the colors of Elche. You can see the team from Elche with the second kit throwing a maximum penalty, something that has not been overlooked for the Alicante club. Through his social networks he named him and gave him “Good taste”.

Up to now Luis Suarez in Spain we had seen him with the Barcelona shirt and Athletic
from Madrid. While in England he wore the Liverpool, in Holland that of Ajax and from Groningen and in Uruguay the one of National in addition to the celestial one of the Selection. So the Elche It is one more team of the mattress striker …

Two Atleti forwards …

On the other hand, remember that in that game of video console you could see two forwards of the Atlético de Madrid. On one side was Luis Suarez and on the other Benjamin Suarez who is already part of the lower categories of the rojiblanco team and who also plays at the top of the attack.