Luis Suárez’s situation at FC Barcelona coincides in almost every respect with that of Gareth Bale at Real Madrid. The two clubs do not have their services, but it is difficult for them to find a destination for them in case of doubts about their immediate performance and, above all, their high salary, which neither player is willing to give up. Both maintain a pulse that they are destined to win if the directive of their respective teams do not provide them with all the possible facilities for their departure.

Suarez it has become a serious problem for Barça. The Uruguayan is the Culé main discard and Ronald Koeman does not count on him, however the forward castles and is not willing to give up his salary to leave. A situation that complicates the sports planning of the culé team excessively.

To give viability to the new project that Koeman is trying to lead, it is essential to part with the player. However, there are few teams that have a real chance of getting their services. its high salary, which is around 15 million euros net per season, along with his age and doubts about his physical condition excessively complicate the player’s exit.

To this must be added the pulse of Suárez with the club. After the humiliating defeat in the Champions League against Bayern Munich 2-8, the directives to be followed by the board were clear. A restructuring of the workforce was necessary and the Uruguayan did not enter the future plans. But the player is clear: he has a contract and will not forgive a penny of your salary.

Koeman has made it clear to the Uruguayan. After the telephone conversation in which he announced that he was not in his plans, he has not included him in the call for the first friend of the preseason against Gimnàstic. The coach does not have Suárez and by not including him on the list, he sends a clear message that he must seek a destination.

Even if Everything pointed to him going to Juventus, his departure has been complicated. The player was going to pass an exam to obtain Italian nationality and thus not occupy an extra-community position, but finally his sale has been paralyzed. The Bianconera squad cannot fulfill the player’s claims, so the list of candidates is reduced to a minimum. Study his signing on Atlético de Madrid, which is also limited in the salary aspect.

Willing to pay part of your salary

His departure is essential for the club’s short-term plans, especially when it comes to additions. The entity chaired by Bartomeu is in a more than delicate financial situation. They need a revolution and they will not be able to face it if they are not able to liberate the about 30 million wage bill that it is difficult for them to keep Suárez in the team or, at least, a good part of that amount. Thus, the culé team -as it happens to Real Madrid with the Welshman- would be willing to pay part of the tab for this season to get him to leave the Camp Nou.

The departure of Suárez it would allow Barcelona to save the cost of part of its card and, in addition, face the arrival of a substitute for guarantees also in the coming years. But if Suárez stands, as he seems willing to do, the club’s plans in the chapter on signings for the course that starts in less than a month would be more than upset.