After the humiliating defeat that Barcelona suffered at the Da Luz stadium in Lisbon in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, several players and executives of the culé institution were identified as the culprits of that disastrous match that ended with a score of 2 -8 against.

One of the so-called ‘responsible’ for that night in Portugal was Luis Suárez. Although the forward scored one of the two goals for his team, the Uruguayan received strong criticism for his performance and little weight during the game, to the point of being one of those indicated to leave the club in the transfer period.

In the midst of this difficult panorama for the Catalans, the South American decided to speak with the Spanish press, and in an interview with the newspaper El País, he referred to the accusations against him for the match against Bayern Munich, to his future in the club and its new coach, Ronald Koeman.

Defeat against Bayern Munich in Lisbon

« When it is lost as it was lost in Lisbon, we are all responsible. It would not be fair to single out one player. Sometimes you want to personalize, but I think that no one will be able to question my commitment to Barcelona. »

« It was one of those days where everything went wrong. We were overcome and did not know how to fix it. It is not an excuse but it has been a very strange year for everything, and of course the format influences; Bayern adapted and mentalized much better for an atypical tie. Maybe we came with some doubts and Bayern had it all very clear. « 

Future in Barcelona

« There is talk of some names that the president gave, of changes that can be made, but nobody told me that they want to do without me; If this is the wish of the club, it would be nice if the person in charge you choose speaks directly to me. I’ve been at Barça for six years, long enough to say what they think. Better so filter if I am one of those who want me out. It remains to be seen. I also want the best for the club and my idea today is to continue, but if the club thinks I am expendable, I have no problem talking to those who decide. « 

« (Being a substitute) I would accept it here as I always accepted it in my career. The competition is always good and if the coach considers that I should start from the bench I have no problem helping with the role they give me. I think I can still contribute a lot to this club. « 

Koeman and its continuity

« I haven’t spoken to Koeman. » « (He would like to stay) Yes, as long as he can count on me, I want to continue contributing everything I can. I have felt the support of the people since I arrived and that also gives me great strength to continue, » he concluded.