Luis Peña breaks his silence after his recent arrest

On June 14, Luis Peña, a UFC fighter, was arrested for alleged domestic violence since he would have beaten his girlfriend and broke her mobile phone because she would have been looking at other men on social networks. The lightweight was charged with robbery with assault, battery and criminal behavior. At the moment he is free on bail pending the trial; from what is known could be sentenced to five years in prison.

Until now, Peña had not made a public statement about what happened -we understand that on the advice of his lawyers- but recently he wanted to break his silence in various posts on Twitter.


«The truth will soon come out, but I AM FREE.

«(Laughter) they are talking about me Like it’s the next OJ Simpson«.

For now this is all that Luis Peña has publicly commented. He seems to feel good despite the moment he is in. Now we will see what happens next and what is the result of the trial. As for OJ Simpson, he is a former NFL player who was charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Nicole Brown Simpson, and his friend, Ronald Goldman, on June 12, 1994. Simpson was found not guilty of murder in both charges.


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