Luis Miguel’s girlfriend would have cheated on him for the second time and with the same heartthrob

Mollie Gould would have cheated on Luis Miguel for the second time and with the same man.

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Already two years ago there had been a strong rumor that Luis Miguel Y his girlfriend and showgirl, Millie GouldThey had had an altercation, as this would have been unfaithful to him. Now everything indicates that history repeats itself, since they assure that the singer ended up with the beautiful blonde for supposedly this horn him a second time with the same heartthrob, the businessman Matías Tasín, according to magazine TVNotas. In the same publication they affirm that “El Sol de México” ran from her house to Millie and called her interested.

The age difference between “Luismi” and Millie is 22 years old and the heartthrob with whom she is being related is 41. That is, 10 years younger than the singer. A source close to him spoke with the magazine TVNotas and assured him that the relationship was over and that Luis Miguel is hurt and enraged: “… We learned from Mollie that he caught very compromising messages that left no doubt that he had something else with Matías. She never stopped writing to the Argentine and later they began to see each other for secret fun ”.

The same source told the media that in 2019 Luis Miguel had an alcohol congestion, as Mollie had been seen with this millionaire businessman in a nightclub in Argentina. She assured that at that moment the singer threw her out of the suite. Later, he would have organized a party with a model and a prostitute where he drank so much that he had alcohol poisoning. Even so, they continued the relationship because she would have sworn that nothing had happened and because there were no photographs that indicated her as guilty, indicates the person who gave the statements to the magazine.

But recently and according to what TVNotas says, this time Luis Miguel he saw some compromising messages between Mollie and Matías on her cell phone. Apparently, they themselves verify that they maintain a relationship and that they have fun from time to time, Luis Miguel’s friend would detail: “He went crazy, he was enraged, he yelled at her and he ran her from the house in Miami, where they had been living together . He didn’t even let Mollie give him an explanation or take his things, he pulled it out just the way it was. That she was an interested party, that everything she had was thanks to him and that if she liked not having anything, she would leave that way, “she added.

The source says that this hit the ego to Luis Miguel, since they had a long and solid relationship. He assures that the singer is superb and that, for the same reason, he does not understand how Mollie would have done this to him that so many women have had. It remains to be seen if the relationship between Matías and Mollie prospers, but everything indicates that “El Sol de México” is going through a source of spite, according to TVNotas.

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