Luis Miguel would give voice to the theme of Río Roma. Will they fulfill his dream?

Luis Miguel would give voice to the theme of Río Roma. Will they fulfill his dream? | Instagram

The singer Luis Miguel could fulfill one of the great dreams of the renowned singers and composers known as Río Roma.

The popular duet, interpreters and authors of great romantic songs, anticipated that a great dream from the beginning of their career could come to fruition and all thanks to Luis Miguel.

The “Puerto Rican“He has become one of the most acclaimed voices in music, his fame has taken him to such a point that many new talents dream of getting to know him in person and even a collaboration with him.

For Rio Roma it would be a great honor if the so-called “Sun of Mexico“gave his voice for one of his songs and revealed part of this idea that has become a goal to achieve.

Yes, yes, there we are, we are going to see that the stars align themselves, as they say, ”said José Luis Roma in an interview for the Venga la Alegría program.

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The singers, who at some point have given some of their songs to artists of the stature of Alejandro Fernández, Thalía and Yuridia, chose not to reveal more details about this new news and to conclude they commented:

Until you hear the song on the radio you can’t say anything, it’s a bummer, we always prefer to keep whoever’s things, but you always have to dream big and you have to look for them.
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As for the last chapters of the second season of Luis Miguel: The series, the controversy has not stopped chasing the details of the plot to which today, some of its characters have spoken out against.

It has been Luis Miguel’s own daughter, Michelle Salas, who has become the target of various comments and reactions, mostly supportive today after speaking out against the use of her “unauthorized” image in fiction episodes.

It should be remembered that the fiction showed the relationship of Luis Miguel’s daughter and his former manager, Alejandro Asensi, beyond the sentimental plane, exposing part of their intimacy.

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The strong scenes led the young model to raise her voice in social networks and clarify in a forceful way that “she was not questioned whether or not she wanted to appear in the plot”, after this, the networks have reacted in her favor with several messages from support, even from fans of the interpreter of “When the Sun heats up.”

For her part, Stephanie Salas, mother of the “influencer” came to her defense and launched a message that they did not doubt, it would be a hint mainly towards Gallego Basteri for the treatment he gives not only to his own daughter but also to the majority of women to which his characters were linked, whom he portrayed in a “macho” way, this according to the criticism it has generated.

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Figures such as Patricia Manterola, Issabela Camil, Michelle Salas and many other women were supposedly portrayed in fiction in a “misogynistic” way.

It would be Sergio Mayer himself who, after being questioned about the scenes that his wife allegedly starred in with “LuisMi” to which he responded bluntly, “that they had not seen her yet.”

I have not seen it but many people have told me that it is a “misogynist” series that has attacked women a lot.

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For her part, Jaime Camil’s half-sister, who for years has been classified as Gallego Basteri’s “great love”, has not wanted to address the issue of the series, reserving her opinion before the media.

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