Luis Miguel the series: Diego Boneta reveals when his second season premieres. | PHOTO: EFE

Although a few months ago it had been revealed that Luis Miguel, The Series It would be released this 2020, due to the current pandemic, this, like many other productions, have had to be postponed until everything returns to normal. However, Diego Boneta reveals when his second season premieres, and his fans do not fit of the emotion.

Through an original and fun video by Tik Tok, the protagonist of Luis Miguel, The Series, and who incarnates the Sun, revealed what many expected for months, the date when we can see the new episodes of production via Netflix.

As we will remember, at the beginning of January the first trailer for the second season of the Luis Miguel series, in which it appeared Diego Boneta in transition from the young LuisMi to the more mature LuisMi and with a few extra pounds.

On this occasion, the handsome Mexican actor made an original parody of the same trailer, but in times of coronavirus, where, at the end of the video and with a sad face, he revealed that the premiere of the second season will be until next 2021.

And although the fans are desperate to see the continuation of this successful production, everyone was very happy to be certain of when they will be able to see the new chapters, which will continue the first season, which everyone loved.

So, do not eat cravings and better focus, for the time being, on other things, such as seeing the most handsome of Diego Boneta do your thing at Tik Tok. It will also fascinate you and you will give yourself a good wad of eye.

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