Luis Miguel prohibits visits to Luisito Rey in grave

Luis Miguel prohibits visits to Luisito Rey in grave | Instagram

A doomed soul? The remains of Luis Rey would be in the middle of a complete abandonment in which no one can visit him according to an order issued by the singer Luis Miguel.

While the bodies of many beings rest in pantheons with flowers and receive frequent visits from their loved ones, that of the father of Luis Miguel, Luisito Rey, has passed in total abandonment and it would be Luis Miguel who arranged it, as they reveal,

Possibly the Spanish artist is remembered by many with a certain resentment for the life he gave to his family and particularly to the one called “Sun of Mexico“Now the theory arises that the place where his remains rest is not even known.

According to a journalist, Laura Suárez, who reappeared on the YouTube channel program “Multimedios 7”, shares, among other alternate versions of the Netflix plot, How and in what conditions is Luis Rey’s grave? Who in life was the father of the three Gallego Basteri brothers: Luis Miguel, Luis Rey and Sergio.

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Alone, without a name and in a common grave?

According to the specialist on the subject, Luis Miguel would hide from the family of the “Galician” the place where he left his father’s remains.

Apparently, after the departure of Luis Rey, his remains are taken to the pantheon where later the remains of the mother of the Spanish singer are taken, the site would be located in Cadiz, as he refers, “there they were forgotten.”

However, Mario Vicente Gallego, Luis Rey’s brother and “Micky’s” uncle, pressures him through a report.

We don’t even know where my brother’s ashes are and they don’t even have a grave.

This confrontation further arouses the ire of “music star” Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, who at one point and under legal backing, would take the urn containing Luis Rey’s ashes and place them in a joint cemetery in Cadiz.

He places it in a mausoleum, with only 9 or 12 more squares that the site contains, they put a number on it, which is number 9 and there is no type of inscription, name or anything that refers to the name to which these ashes belong, Luis Gallego Rey (Luis Gallego Sánchez).

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There is a list of those who can and cannot visit it

Likewise, the communicator, Laura Suárez, shared that if a person goes to the Cádiz cemetery and asks for information about this person, they will not be able to find him

At the reception of the place a person indicates that there is an inscription of Mr. Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri that no information can be given.

In one corner, there is the mausoleum, alone, sad and without the company of other remains of possible relatives, his remains are in the shadow, he reiterates.

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This would confirm the strong story and the feelings that Luis Rey sowed in the lives of his children and particularly in his first-born who, backed by various reasons, leaves his father in complete abandonment.

It should be remembered that in the second installment of the Netflix series that captures the life of the “Puerto Rican”, Luis Miguel confirms through his uncle, Mario Vicente Gallego, that the culprit of what happened to his mother was Luis Rey, leaving glimpse that it would have been mu3rt3 incidental.

The fiction would not be very far from reality, since according to the journalist shares the channel, Marcela Basteri was seen by some of her neighbors in Spain, more or less during the months of September.

Luis Miguel’s mother would have left Italy where she was with an aunt and her father, who accompanied her to the airport where she boarded a flight to Spain and was traveling with her youngest son, Sergio.

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Her relatives remember it as the last time they saw her again, as well later in Madrid, where neighbors would comment that after a few months they no longer saw her, only Sergio, the younger brother of Luis Miguel and Alejandro Gallego Basteri.