Luis Miguel kissed Yadhira Carrillo while he was Aracely’s boyfriend!

Luis Miguel kissed Yadhira Carrillo while he was Aracely’s boyfriend! | Instagram

Apparently the love list of the singer Luis Miguel seems endless, after the second installment of his series uncovers the most recondite aspects of his personal life, now the name of Yadhira Carrillo emerges on the scene.

According to versions, Luis Miguel He would kiss the actress Yadhira Carrillo when he was Aracely Arámbula’s boyfriend, they reveal.

Now him “Puerto Rican“Not only does he face a new controversy for the women who were portrayed in his authorized bioseries by Netflix:” Luis Miguel: The series “, but also a certain celebrity that appeared in the middle of the relationship between Aracely Arámbula comes to light and Luis Miguel.

What has been circulated so far is that during the period of the relationship with “La Chule”, the so-called “Sol de México” would kiss Yadhira Carrillo. It is worth mentioning that the relationship between the two would only be in the professional field since at that time, (2004), they both recorded a video clip. “I want you to be happy” composed by José Alfredo Jiménez.

It was Yadhira Carrillo herself who commented on the details about how this collaboration came about, after she revealed, the singer and music producer along with Pedro Torres sought her out to record the video scenes.

The current wife of the lawyer Juan Collado, revealed that LuisMi chose her because “he liked how he cried in the soap operas”, that is how the main character acted, although he reiterates, he always kept a distance with the interpreter of “La Inconditional”.

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Carrillo reveals that Gallego Basteri was always attentive to her during rehearsals and the recording of the material. He also explains how the kiss that “Micky” gave him was like.

It was given as part of the story of the video, since it narrates the separation of two lovers, in one scene, Luis Miguel kisses her on the lips.

On the other hand, Luis Miguel lived one of the most intense romances with Aracely Arámbula with whom he even procreated two children, Miguel and Daniel Gallego Arámburo, today two adolescents of 12 and 14 years old.

Apparently, although many rumors surrounded the life of the acclaimed couple in the show, including even a “secret wedding”, the truth is that the two top figures would not prolong their happiness for long.

Luis Miguel and Arámbula had a strong romance between 2005 and 2009, where they have even revealed that there was a contract through which not even the host of “Master Chef Latino” is allowed to address the issue, less talk about her past relationship, present and future with the music star.

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Among other things, the alleged document also indicated that Luis Miguel Gallego wanted to have three children with Arámbula, to whom he would give the amount of $ 50,000 for each one.

However, finally Aracely Arámbula did not fulfill this part of the deal, although the official reasons are unknown, various speculations would indicate that they were the different ways of thinking of both.

Because while the 51-year-old singer would like to have Arámbula as a housewife to take care of the children, Aracely did not want to put her career aside.

Among other clauses that the interpreter of “Until you forget me” supposedly included, they refer to the fact that he did not allow the television actress to involve her children in her career or pose with them in photographs without prior authorization.

Similarly, she could not have children with another man and she would not make public her relationship with a new partner, according to a magazine publication.

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So far, Arámbula Jaques, has kept his little ones totally protected, preventing his face from being portrayed and would even prevent Luis Miguel Gallego himself from mentioning them in the third and last installment of his bioseries.

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