Mexico. The singer Luis Miguel It became a trend on social networks on Thursday after making an appearance in a new advertising campaign for food delivery services, which attracted attention due to the low public activity of the so-called Sun of Mexico.

“Tonight I am going to have fettuccine with white truffle sauce and Parmesan cheese”, Luis Miguel mentions dressed in a black and white tuxedo while leaning on a grand piano in a space full of gold records for the advertising campaign.

The surprise was for many, since the appearances of the interpreter of “If you did not know how to love” in public and his activity in networks is limited.

That is why social networks quickly burned to comment on the event and remember various participations that the singer has had in different advertising campaigns.

Among them the commercial that he made in conjunction with a brand of potato chips in which the singer, again accompanied by a piano, sang an emotional song that covers his song “You can’t leave me like this”.

“The announcement of Uber Eats with Luis Miguel is a trend but nothing beats his gem with Sabritas”, I consider a Twitter user.

But as usual, the jokes were not made to wait, since some noticed strangeness in their physical appearance while others considered that it could be an indicator that the singer was having a hard time financially, the reason why he had accepted to be part of the Bell.

“If Luis Miguel, our sun, is announcing Uber Eats, what awaits us mere mortals? Click crisis ”, another internet user reacted.

The last advertising campaign that the Sun of Mexico had been part of was in 2004 when in a similar outfit it advertised Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

In addition, almost at the same time as the Uber Eats announcement, a TikTok video went viral in which the singer is observed in a night of drinks with two friends, the bullfighter Enrique Ponce and José María Cano, a former member of the Mecano group.

This generated rumors that Luis Miguel was part of the social network of the moment, however soon the followers would deny such a thing and assured that the video was from a year ago.