Luis Miguel is on his birthday and they just reveal an alleged confession of the singer about his mother, Marcela Basteri

Luis Miguel has a birthday and a new detail is revealed about the death of his mother, Marcela Basteri.

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The singer Luis Miguel, one of the interpreters if not the most important that he has had Latin America, it’s birthday. That’s how it is, “The Sun of Mexico” was born on April 19 in Puerto Rico. Contrary to what the vast majority think, it was not Mexico his hometown, but the city that gave him the whole platform to become one of the most acclaimed singers by millions. Along with holding your birthday number 51, there is also a new and strong rumor about his mother, the death of it and everything that surrounds the mystery of Marcela basteri.

The performer of hits like ‘Under the table’ Y ‘The unconditional’ has had almost 40 years of artistic trajectory and a very busy life between money scandals, relationships and also, everything related to the death of his Mommy. A lot has been cut from this fabric, but after it came to light ‘Luis Miguel: The Series’ The general public, especially the most ardent fans, continue to speculate and wonder: ‘What happened to the mother of the ex of Aracely Arambula?

Just today on the show Telemundo, Tell me what you know, they spoke of a new ‘hypothesis’. According to the journalist Alex Rodriguez, some researchers assure that ‘The own Luis Miguel confessed to him in 1986 to a woman by name Sacnite, who was also Miss Federal District on Mexico, what Marcela basteri had passed away. Supposedly the event occurred in You kill them and it was, according to these researchers, exactly his father King Luisito And his brother Titus those who were behind this and those who stayed two hours outside the house with Marcela where it all happened. ‘

The TV show reporter also said that ’20 years ago, when supposedly Luis Miguel made this confession to the model, everyone said that Marcela basteri she was alive’. Remember that It was always rumored at the same time that it could be a woman named Honorina Montes, who was confined in a neuropsychiatric hospital in Argentina, but that version was recently discarded.

The truth is that, just now that the second season of ‘Luis Miguel: La Serie’ this rumor of the death of the singer’s mother in 1986 takes more force. So it only remains to be seen whether or not it will be revealed via the platform. Netflix in any of the chapters of the series or if finally, the singer himself talks about it.

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