Luis Miguel, his cousin reveals plans with the homeless woman associated with Marcela Basteri | Instagram

Although the version of that Honorina Montes is actually Marcela basteri has already lost strength after securing several media that are not the same person, a cousin of the singer Luis Miguel, Reveals that he has some plans with the indigenous.

For Lorena de la Torre, hoping that your aunt Marcela basteri appears alive one day has accompanied her for several years and after the rumor arose that an indigenous woman had the same characteristics with the disappeared italian, did not hesitate to assure that it was her.

His security is so great that Lorraine has revealed the plans he has with the woman who wandered the streets of Argentina, which was discovered by a young woman who uploaded it to social networks, hence she became known and shocked everyone just by imagining that this version was true.

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During a new interview that the same Lorraine granted the Ventaneando program, he addressed the various rumors that have revolved around this issue and the mysterious disappearance of his aunt, mother of his cousin, the singer Luis Miguel.

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For the relative of the musical star, hope remains and does not rule out the possibility that he is alive so he revealed what he will do to prove once and for all this theory that Marcela basteri is it or not, the mother of « Sun of Mexico« .

Our dream would be that if they allow us to do the DNA and we can get her out of the hospital, and all the first thing we would do is go to my aunt Adua’s house, « he mentioned.

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He also shared his dream that Basteri Customs, the great aunt of Marcela who resides in Italy, meet Honorina Montes, it was learned that both had a close relationship and Adua was the last to see Marcela before she met her husband, Luisito Rey.

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In the same way, the disinterest that the singer himself has shown to clarify this situation before the possible appearance of his mother.

I believe that it is convenient for him to convince himself that she is not his mother so as not to continue suffering, but it is not possible to understand why he moves something to clear that doubt, he reiterated.

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On the other hand, Lorraine hinted that the family of the mother of Luismi He has always kept hope alive since they have never seen any death certificate that proves that Marcela is no longer in this world.