Luis Miguel has the most luxurious apartment in Miami

Luis Miguel has the most luxurious apartment in Miami (Instagram)

Luis Miguel has the most luxurious apartment in Miami | Instagram

The singer Luis Miguel has managed to consolidate a great career and therefore a considerable fortune, today, the so-called “Sun of Mexico“He resides in Miami where a large apartment becomes a true reflection of his eccentric life surrounded by great luxuries.

Apparently reports have transcended, Luis MiguelHe would have one of the most luxurious apartments in the city of Miami, and although many imagine how he could live, we reveal some of the closest details about his opulent life.

According to reports from Robb Report, “Luismi“He would live like the great star that he is, considered one of the greatest Mexican artists of recent times, he would choose to live a place in the heights, a prestigious Jade skyscraper in Brickell-Bay in Miami.

The exclusive condominium tower offers luxurious luxury apartments with the latest state-of-the-art technology, in short “a smart building”. Not for nothing is it called “The jewel of Miami“according to your description.

The estimated cost of the condos in Jade at Brickell Bay, Miami, starts at 400 thousand and seven million dollars. Photo:

The department of “great divo from Mexico“It would have four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two terraces, a fitness center, a spa, a tropical garden, as well as a long list of amenities.

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The value of these apartments have been estimated at an approximate amount ranging from 400 thousand and seven million dollars, this varies taking into account details such as the quality of the floor and the finishes, which would increase the value of each of the condominiums that make up the ostentatious skyscraper.

Jade at Brickell Bay brings together luxury, technology and sophistication in a single structure, a life worthy of “king”, that without a doubt someone with his voice, talent and trajectory has been granted such power that it leaves few indifferent.

The interpreter of hits such as “La Inconditional”, “Now you can go”, “La Media Vuelta” to mention just a few, has been surrounded by a strong controversy, particularly for the hermetic life that he has tried to take away from the spotlight.

Although this has not overlooked an endless list of love affairs, as well as some of the luxuries thanks to his recognized career in the industry have allowed him to accumulate.

The “King Star“He turned 50 and honored this date aboard a yacht that he owns in Miami, as it transpired, the first-born of the Gallego-Basteri celebrated half a century of life with his brother, Alejandro, and his family.

However, since the beginning of the health crisis, Luis Miguel has remained far from the spotlight, according to the host of the medium “El Gordo y la Flaca”, Raúl de Molina, the singer remains confined as he feels a great fear of contracting the disease, particularly after the delicate case that placed his friend Toño Mauri on the verge of losing his life.

In this 2021 and a few months after the singer reaches his 51 years, Luis Miguel would return to occupy the headlines before the next premiere of the second season of his authorized biography released by Netflix.

In addition to this, a new book based on aspects of the singer’s life also appears on the same date, “Oro de rey”, a work by journalist Javier León Herrera and Juan Carlos Navarrro.

It is worth mentioning that the writer and Spanish origin and author of other works related to the artist in which “Luis Mi Rey” and “Luis Miguel: La historia” appear, is one of the quintessential specialist characters in aspects of the talented artist’s life that despite everything remains in force in the world of entertainment.

With a career that began to be recognized at the age of 14, he was the first young artist to receive a Grammy at his young age.

Proclaimed by Billboard magazine as the “best Latin artist of the last 25 years”, and although there have also been some alleged economic crises that he would go through after facing a series of lawsuits from businessmen.

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In 2018, his career would shine again with the bioseries that he launched on Netflix, which turned out to be a success and from which new deliveries are now expected.