Luis Miguel could be from Menudo and thus rejected the offer

Luis Miguel could be from Menudo and thus rejected the offer | Instagram

In the midst of the revelations that have been unleashed from the series singer Luis Miguel, new details emerge about the moment in which the “Sun of Mexico” rejected the offer of “Slight“for belonging to your group.

It all came about in 1992 when journalist Susana Gimenéz addressed the controversy during an interview with Luis Miguel to whom he questioned about the moment in which he rejected the Menudo proposal.

Back then, the “Puerto Rican“He was 22 years old and at the pinnacle of his career, so when contacted by the band he showed no interest in belonging to the popular group.

That group initially offered me the one that we will participate in, but for me I did not like the idea, I like the idea of ​​being alone, said the Mexican singer in that interview.

I like the stage alone and frankly I don’t need to be with anyone, added the Suave interpreter, who also confessed that his young age, he was never in any musical group, and there was a moment when they invited him to form a group, but the always refused for the same.

Because he always wanted to be alone and from there he continued, he commented since that is how he has always preferred to enjoy the stage.

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For her part, the journalist tried to delve deeper into the subject and questioned Luis Miguel Gallego. But when you were little, how did you get chosen?

In reality, I never got to be with any group, there was a proposal, but I never accepted it … ‘oh why did you always want to be alone’, replied the Argentine host

LuisMi revealed in this meeting that for 11 years he had decided to start his path in music always alone.

And from there I went on and on, commented the interpreter of “When the sun warms up.”

At one point the presenter questioned the singer how he combined his career with his studies, to which “Micky” responded by avoiding the topic and commenting on how quickly time passes and how from one moment to another you can see the Christmas trees in all streets.

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Once again, Gallego Basteri hinted that one of his most intense desires during these times is to be surrounded by his family, and the people who at some point were important to him and his career.

And although unfortunately, for many fans of the Mexican star and the popular Menudo group there was no opportunity to see them work together, if they shared their talent on stage on one occasion.

It was in 1983 when the meeting produced great euphoria among the great figure of music in which Gallego Basteri was already projected, added to the voices of the group formed by Ray Reyes, Nefty Sallaberry, Carlos Meléndez, Fernando Sallaberry, Oscar Meléndez, Ricky Meléndez , René Farrait, Johnny Lozada, Xavier Serbiá, Miguel Cancel, Charlie Masso, Roy Rosselló, Robi Rosa, Ricky Martin and Raymond Acevedo. Among the first to make up the group.

It was the only time that the voices of two great music phenomena came together for the enjoyment of the fans of both.

However, this was not the only time that Luis Miguel performed this same song with another music legend, on that occasion (1983) the “divo de México” shared a fragment of the song with “Lola la Grande “.

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Although at first, Luis Miguel only interprets the song, it is later that Lola Beltran asks the “Sol” to join together to interpret a small fragment of the famous Mexican song.

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