Luis Miguel causes a stir and surprise by his action the funeral of his fan number 1 | Instagram

The singer Luis Miguel He surprised everyone after attending the funeral to offer the last goodbye to his number 1 fan.

Nobody would have imagined it from the artist or well named « The Sun of Mexico« Of whom many rumors go, come and describe him in a way that only the people closest to him know for sure.

Although, as is well known, they would be few, since the circle of people with whom the artist feels greater trust he is very limited and has also taken it upon himself to keep his life very secretive from the media.

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However, apparently the loss of one of his most loyal fans would have turned the heart of the interpreter of « The unconditional« .

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His name was Martha Elbow, of whom the artist himself would have expressed himself in a very emotional way and above all thanking him for having accompanied him for so many years in each of his presentations.

In all the concerts that I have been here, this beautiful lady has been with me in all, in fact, it is likely that she has been more times than me, « said Luis Miguel about his fan number 1.

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Last weekend, the faithful follower of artist Mexican lost his life, she presided over one of the singer’s official fan club, which for the famous was not indifferent and he had a special gesture towards her.

With a huge arrangement of white flowers, Luis Miguel he said goodbye to one of his great admirers. In the center, a black ribbon and the singer’s name gave the last goodbye to Martha Elbow, same that accompanied him for so many years.

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The faithful follower left after presenting a « cardiorespiratory arrest« Through her social networks, she would have published photos of the various occasions that she saw the artist’s first row of concerts.

As well as many other moments in which he vibrated with his voice and songs, these only moments would be captured through his photographs through his Instagram account, where you can even see some photos with the actor
Diego Boneta, who gave life to Luis Miguel in his bioseries.

So, almost without hesitation,
Martha it would occupy an important place in the heart of the « Sun of Mexico ».