“I do not know whether to cry”, “what does not wait for mortals” or “the crisis hit us all”, are some of the phrases that social network users have written when releasing a video in which Luis Miguel receives, as a label, the envoy from a food delivery company.

Ad barely lasts 20 seconds, but enough to become a trend on Twitter, where it became widely known.

This account has a link to the official account of the interpreter of “La Inconditional” and “Word of Honor”, whose last message corresponds to April 12, wishing you a happy Easter.

This is the second video starring the singer after another TikTok broadcast on Monday singing with José María Cano, founder of Mecano and the bullfighter Enrique Ponce.

This material has about one and a half million reproductions.

“Life without passion is not life,” reads the account @lordsolecito in tik tok, which only has 30 followers.

Luis Miguel is not a regular on his social networks. Two years ago, he surprised when he accepted that his life was carried on a television series in the shoes of Diego Boneta.

The recordings of the second season were stopped by the health contingency by the COVID-19.