Luis Gerardo Méndez meets his half sister thanks to a movie – El Sol de México

Eight years ago Luis Gerardo Méndez learned that he had a half sister in the United States. At the time, he didn’t feel ready to meet her, but when production began on the film Half Siblings, he decided to approach her.

“When we started to develop the script it became more and more necessary and urgent for me to contact her, because if not, it was rare and hypocritical to explore such a subject without hitting it at home,” he shared. The Sun of Mexico.

The film portrays the journey of two brothers, a Mexican businessman named Renato (Luis Gerardo) and an American influencer named Asher (Connor del Rio), who meet after the death of their father, and set out on a road trip to discover by that his father did not return to Mexico with his family.

The actor detailed that given the similarities between real life and what happens to the character, he took many emotions from his experience for the script. “The great theme of the film is empathy, and learning to see the world from another place and another perspective. In that sense, it was very important for me to know how she lived, everything that happened, and without a doubt it affects my work ”.


Although the film, which opens in theaters this Wednesday, is a comedy, it also addresses issues such as migration, discrimination against Mexicans and the stereotypes that revolve around both countries, the actor shares.

The response during its exhibition in the United States (in December 2020) was excellent. It debuted in second place at the box office with more than $ 700,000 raised, the total figure after several weeks on the billboard exceeded two million dollars.

Luis Gerardo Méndez is proud to be part of a production that projected a good image of Mexicans to so many people, because he considers it necessary to start telling stories from our point of view.

“As an actor and storyteller I am interested in having a correct representation on screen. It has nothing to do with the fact that there is a small Latino character in American movies and series, that is not a representation, it has to do with telling the stories that are relevant to us and with us being the ones in charge of telling those stories ”, commented.

Connor del Rio added that his character is a representation of American society, because initially he is unaware of many aspects of Mexican culture, and therefore is guided by the stereotypes that surround it.

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“I hope this movie teaches Americans that Mexicans are not a stereotype, that they are the same as us, even though they have different cultural backgrounds, different food, dance and music.

“They can also be successful aviation engineers, and there are even ignorant people in Mexico like there are in the United States, in the end we are all very similar. Both countries are like half brothers in some sense, we share the same DNA, “he added.