The confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic aroused in Luis Fonsi intense feelings that led to an emotional ballad: “Girasoles”.

“Creatively the body did not ask me to make a party song, it did not ask me to make a song to go dancing in the disco; He was asking me for something much deeper, with much more poetry, with more metaphors and with a clear message that one can share, “the Puerto Rican singer and songwriter told The Associated Press in a video call from his home in Miami.

“The party is coming, the party is going to come and those songs are coming, because believe me we are going to need that too. But right now I wanted to use my words and my feelings to tell people ‘we are going to be fine,’ and just as sunflowers rotate with the sun, I will wait for you and we will be together, ”he added.

The song, whose lyrics say “I will wait for you, I will wait for you / And when you come back with a kiss, I will be here”, expresses the hope of seeing loved ones in person again, something shared by millions of people who currently comply with the distancing measures Social.

But within the singer’s family, it also has a special meaning. Sunflowers are the favorite flowers of his wife, the Spanish model Águeda López, who has said that her father, who died in early January, used to give them to her.

During the video call, the interpreter of hits like “Despacito”, “Échame la culpa” and “Calypso” had some sunflowers in the background placed by his “art team”, made up of his wife.

“‘Sunflowers’ was born without me knowing the connection that my wife had (with flowers) and that many people have had with sunflowers,” said Fonsi, who composed and produced the song remotely with Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo.

The music video shows black-and-white images of people saddened by isolation, followed by color scenes of joyous reunions.

“I am not going to lie to you, I think we have all gone through moments of frustration, depression, not being able to have the freedom to do what the body asks of us, to give my mother that hug, to be able to celebrate my birthday as God commands, “said Fonsi.

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But the artist, whose career involves constant travel around the world, has tried to focus on the positive things arising from this extraordinary situation, such as being able to spend more time with his children Mikaela, nine, and Rocco, four.

“I have never been two months running in my house, it sounds strange, but it is the reality,” he said. “Being able to sit down to lunch and dinner with my family every day for two consecutive months, although it sounds like something quite normal, I had never done it. Being able to build a Lego with my son, make paintings with my daughter, the little details of life, on that side I am celebrating that and that keeps me positive above all, “he said.

Fonsi recorded the song completely at home. The singer and the director of the video, Marlon Peña, then thought about how they could better tell their story. Faced with the contingency, they resorted to some pre-recorded images, but when they see it it seems as if they have always been destined for “Sunflowers”.

“Quarantine has forced us to be very creative or to do a lot with little,” said Fonsi, who noted that he also likes Van Gogh’s “The Sunflowers,” who he said he admired.

The time when “Despacito” played at parties and discos now seems very far away, but the Latin Grammy-awarded Puerto Rican star is convinced that he will be able to do more songs like that in the future, without letting go of the romantic essence that he has taken up again. in “Sunflowers”.

“I believe that artists, especially in the process of creation, have to think like artists and not as salesmen or record labels or managers,” he said. “With‘ Despacito ’the body asked me to write such a song, make a Latin celebration, talk about my land, put people to dance, mix rhythms. Right now the body was asking me to grab my guitar and sing with a tear in my throat, ”he said.