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MADRID. Luis Fonsi says of himself that he is “very pachanguero to make pure ballads and too romantic for rhythmic themes only”, a philosophy that has taken him to the intermediate point, to connect “the cables of the styles in different ways” and to convert the music in a common language without borders.

It is the formula that has led him to mix Dominican bachata with reggaeton in his latest musical bet, the song Bésame, together with the also Puerto Rican Myke Towers, and the one that led him to establish synergies between the Anglo-Saxon and Latin world with Justin Bieber, with Demi Lovato or, more recently, with Nicole Scherzinger.

“And I would love to work with a K-pop group, because that’s what I like, getting out of my comfort zone, mixing styles, colors, flavors … That’s music,” subscribes this musician, who came to record a Mandarin version of their worldwide hit Despacito.

With the approach of summer, Luis Fonsi (San Juan, 1978) now vindicates in Bésame the desire to “kiss people, hug them and dance together” in a context that is still in force with a pandemic “and to celebrate what is so important for us, especially for Latinos. “

He adds that “the world needs dance and joy.” The composer and interpreter has worked for it with one of the leading names in Latin urbanism, Myke Towers, whom he met in an elevator during the Billboard Awards, where they agreed to work together one day.

The opportunity presented itself with this topic. “It’s a curious song because it has a lot of bachata influence, but neither of us came from there. It shows that music is universal and that, when you want, the same language is spoken,” he says.

“Nobody can tell you that you can’t mix a bachata riff with a reggaeton beat with a pop singer, because there are no rules, and that’s what I love about my job.”

Luis Fonsi affirms that he does not think in genres, “but in songs and moments”. But what is more difficult for you: getting people to jump on the track or touching their heart?

“As a composer it is easier for me to write ballads. With a guitar and an idea, I can make a hundred ballads in an afternoon, because I come from there. But on stage, I like it when the first bars of Échame la culpa or Despacito sound and people take out the phones or start dancing. That is magical for an artist because he feels that he has connected with the public, “he responds.

That taste for the “up and down” of beats is what leads him to define himself as a record artist, the format in which he can show his full range of possibilities. The next one, which will take over from VIDA (2019), will probably see the light “at the end of this year”.

“It is basically ready, with many surprises recorded, and I think it will be very special, because it was done in a different way at a different time and that will be reflected in each song,” he anticipates.

Before that, he will be the coach of the La Voz talent show in Spain, along with Alejandro Sanz, Malú and Pablo Alborán, who opens in this position.

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“I love the format and I enjoy it very much. I am honored that they have opened the doors for me again, with three great artists and friends, which makes my work much easier. I’m having an incredible time,” he confirms.

He announces that in the coming months he will release some of the collaborations that he has recorded, so he will be very present, before an international tour.

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