Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Luis Fonsi has not stopped working during the month that he has been isolated at home. However, after spending a birthday without being able to hug his parents and missing the scenes deeply, he told Efe that he already knows that “when the quarantine ends” he will come out “like a bull in the ring.”

But while enduring those crazy desire to return “to receive the energy of the people”, Fonsi returns these days to television in English.

It would begin this Saturday with a participation in the “One World” concert, organized by Lady Gaga, to raise funds for the efforts of the World Health Organization, to contain and lessen the effects of the coronavirus.

Later, on Monday, he would become the only Latino artist to participate as a guest judge in the reality show “Songland”, by the US network NBC, in which a group of composers will compete, with the help of industry producers, to convince Fonsi to include one of the songs on his new album.

“I, who am a composer, know that it is a beautiful work, which is often not given the credit it deserves,” said the artist, explaining his reasons for having participated in the program of which he declared himself a fan and that “it is one of the few “he sees on television.

Fonsi revealed that he already recorded the winning song, after filming the show earlier this year in Los Angeles, California, and that he even sang it and presented it to his audience at a concert last March 14 in Orlando, Florida, the day before. to abide by confinement orders.

“I have already made it part of my new album,” he said, assuring that the official release will do so next week.

To avoid missing any details that could ruin the surprise of who will be the winning composer in this Monday’s broadcast, Fonsi declined to speak more about the experience, which he described as “an honor.”

The Puerto Rican artist, known throughout the planet thanks to the revolution of his song “Despacito”, heads with J Balvin, Maluma and Jennifer López the Latin presence in the concert “One World” by Gaga, which this Saturday would be broadcast worldwide on television, radio and internet platforms.

“I will perform two songs,” he said after declaring himself grateful that he had “been invited to this great event.” For Fonsi, the fact that there are many Hispanic artists in a poster that includes the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, among many others, represents “how relevant Latin music is worldwide.”

In addition, it marks the generosity with which the so-called “Latino Gang” is addressing the needs unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Most of us have given themselves to helping and accompanying people,” he said.

In this sense, he revealed that from the beginning he has dedicated himself to doing everything he can “to help mitigate this hard experience.”

Until now he has participated in a dozen concerts that have been broadcast on television in Latin America and the United States, every day he is supporting a small company from his networks and planning the “most effective” way in which his foundation can collaborate .

Fonsi turned 42 on Wednesday April 15 and, for the first time in his life, he spent it at home with his wife, the Spanish model Águeda López, and the two children of both Mikaela, eight years old, and Rocco, three.

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“It was a different birthday. Very nice, take it easy,” he described.

Of course, he said that although for him Monday through Friday is work season, that day “the door of the studio was kept closed.”

“I used the phone very little. Just to talk to the family,” he said.

It was that family that surprised him in the afternoon with a caravan of cars full of balloons and screams of congratulations and love. “I was very excited and it was the most difficult part, because it hurt me to have my parents there in front and not being able to get close to hug them,” he said.

That has been the most complicated part of the quarantine, “that and the part of school activities at home,” he joked.

“When I am, I take Mika to school, I help her with her homework, but this is different. They are new methods of doing things, you have to print, you have to be a bit of a computer technician,” he added.

But she says she is enjoying it, because “she has never been home so long and it is the good part of all this.”