Luis Figo explodes against Pablo Echenique for encouraging vandalism in the streets by Pablo Hasél: “Useless”

Luis Figo He has been away from social networks for a few days, probably due to the sad death of his mother, who at 88 years old has lost her life due to a degenerative disease. But the former Portuguese footballer has returned to the charge a few hours ago because he can not contain himself before some questions. For example now has exploded against Pablo Echenique, spokesperson for Podemos in Congress and one of the heavyweights of the purple party, part of the current social-communist government that is doing so much damage to our country.

And it is that Echenique has had nothing else to do in recent days than to encourage the masses and the vandalism that has taken over several cities in Spain to protest the conviction of rapper Pablo Hasél. «All my support for the young anti-fascists who are demanding justice and freedom of expression in the streets. Yesterday in Barcelona, ​​today in the Puerta del Sol. The violent mutilation of the eye of a protester must be investigated and responsibilities must be purged forcefully, “he wrote, something to which the Portuguese has not been able to resist answering him.

Figo does not shut up despite the attacks

Figo has exploded and charged the Podemos spokesperson in a brief but definitive way, regardless of the harassment in networks of the most radical left: «The vandalism that is the son of populism. Useless ». And it is that Echenique’s tweet is bringing a tail and has caused another disagreement in the Executive, as the vice president’s words prove Carmen Calvo: «No right can be defended and expressed with violence. It is an absolute red line. In the incidents last night there were arrests, injuries and material damage. This does not correspond to freedom of expression. Rights have constitutional limits ”.

On the other hand, professional police associations warn that they are considering taking legal measures against Pablo Echenique for a message in which he not only expresses his support for the violent people who are demonstrating against the imprisonment of the rapper Pablo Hasél, convicted of “glorifying terrorism, with the aggravating circumstance of recidivism, for insults and slander against the Monarchy and the State Security Forces and Bodies and for praising members of the terrorist gangs ETA and GRAPO”.