Luis Enrique reconsiders with Llorente

Luis Enrique reflects on Marcos Llorente. The coach called . midfielder to play winger, and put him in that position for the first two games of the season. Eurocup, against Sweden and Poland. But in the third, before Slovakia, sent him to the bench to enter Azpilicueta and, when the Navarrese suffered, he chose to put Adama Traoré. A movement that suggests that the Asturian coach is reconsidering Marcos Llorente’s position.

“Marcos Llorente has played for a long time in attack, although starting from the right-back position. We have possession of the ball in a very high percentage, we are attacking 70 or 80 percent of the game and that means that the full-backs have to occupy the He acts much more even in attack than in defense, but I am open to players of Marcos’s profile being able to appear in different positions, “said Luis Enrique in the previous match against Slovakia. Then he relegated Llorente to the bench, but the win diluted the controversy due to his absence, since he is one of the players best valued by the fans.

Surveys. The polls, several in different media, are coincident: Marcos Llorente must be a starter and must play as a midfielder. The average percentage that supports the petition is spectacular: 95%.

But now it is Luis Enrique who must assess that option. The coach has been rectifying some of the decisions with which the European Championship began. Gerard Moreno He started as a substitute, but in the second game he entered as a starter by popular request. The one who had to leave was Ferran torres, who nevertheless took advantage of the minutes he had against Slovakia.

Luis Enrique also accepted the popular suggestion to put Azpilicueta as 2. But he sent Marcos Llorente to the bench when, at the request of the people, beyond returning the captain of the Chelsea to the position that launched him to fame in Osasuna, there was the desire to see Marcos Llorente, 12 goals and 11 assists in the last league, thirty meters closer to the rival area. There he used Simeone and that’s where it triumphed.

If the players make it to the National Team thanks to the merits they acquired during the season in their respective clubs, it is evident that Marcos Llorente’s at Atlético were both a leading lane and scorer. The merits as a right back were made by Trippier, and that is why the coach of his country, Southgate, called him to occupy that position in the selection of England.

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