Luis Enrique: “Ramos has enough experience to cope with the situation of his renovation” | Spain

Luis Enrique went to the press room that was held in the stadium of The Cartuja to analyze the preview of the match that will measure Spain Y Germany. The national team needs to win to be able to be in the final phase of the League of Nations.


“I do analysis based on the way of watching football. I imagine that the fans do what I did as a fan, which is enjoy themselves. As far as I know, we all do the same a bit. What we do we try to improve every year and make it as complete as possible ”.

Expulsion in Switzerland

“Nothing is further from reality. The first part was heard and the second did not reach us. Nothing else”.

Waiting for Ramos

“I don’t know if he is the best in the world taking a penalty. What I did is what any coach does. Judging things is fine. You have to know how to accept both versions of the story. People and in the personal sphere are endorsed by the results and Sergio’s are very strong ”.


“I value it a lot. I’m glad it’s mild. He was free to go with his family, but has preferred to stay. We insisted, but he wanted to stay, which indicates what pasta it is made of ”.

Ramos pressure

“If there is someone with enough experience to handle this situation well, that is Ramos, Busquets, Koke … He does not need any advice, all footballers get that. I see him the same as the first day we arrived at the National Team. His face has not changed, the rest is part of something he has to know how to carry.

Exaggeration about Ramos

“It is not good, nor bad, nor new, nor old. It is what it is and what it means to have players of that profile. It will not surprise anyone to be surrounded by controversy and it is normal. You have to live it normally and accept it ”.


“I did know who the goalkeeper was going to be the first day if training didn’t see anything strange. I like to feel and see. Yes I had decided who was going to be the goalkeeper and who is going to be tomorrow ”.


“Each side has its characteristics. The doctors told us that it could be before Switzerland, but we did not want to take risks. Now it is in perfect condition, although it has points. We are going to take zero risks and if it is fit they will let us know ”.

Titular goalkeeper

“From the beginning I was always very clear. We have three or four goalkeepers with the level to start. What happens in the future will depend on how things go. I will choose the best option ”.


“The idea against Germany is going to be the same with nuances. We went to Germany to play without speculation and we are facing one of the most powerful teams in the world. They have overtaken us, it is only worth winning and almost better, so we don’t speculate. We will try to counteract the virtues of the rival ”.

Young boys

“I do not make that reflection, but it is valid. At times we can take that into account. Against Germany, Ansu did not play from the beginning in case we debuted, they put us four and we had people sunk. Tomorrow that will not happen. They already have enough experience to face this match. They will play the eleven that we consider that they arrive better at this party ”.

Construction phase

“Unfortunately in these last games the team has deserved much more and I don’t think the team has been inferior to the rival. There will always be controversy, but I leave the doors open for someone to not be able to bear the pressure. I think the team knows what we want ”.

Goalkeeper factors

“There are many factors that we take into account with the goalkeeper. He has to give us security in the game, dominate in the aerial game and give us coverage at the start. Unai, Kepa and De Gea have it ».