Luis Enrique: "Now I would take 23 players, instead of 24"

Luis Enrique Martínez appeared in an extensive telematic press conference in the City of Soccer of Las Rozas. The coach sent an optimistic message, despite the difficulties with the positive cases of Busquets and Diego Llorente, and reaffirmed himself in his planning for the 2021 European Championship. Lucho resigned to summon the 26 allowed footballers and took 24. One decision that you do not regret. “Right now I would summon 23 players instead of 24, the World Health Organization and people who dominate in measurement say that the more people are together, the easier it is for them to become infected. I would not have changed my plan.”

The Asturian said that at all times “we have acted with transparency, there is nothing to hide” and that his players have known how to live “with the uncertainty of a situation that is not pleasant, but there is no fear, it is a very strong word.”

Lucho explained that the case of Busquets on Saturday “caught us by surprise” after “seven days complying with the protocols, even more demanding than those requested by UEFA.” The technician commented that “being in the bubble is very good when the virus does not enter, but if it enters it is difficult to manage. We suffered a second positive and had to activate a plan B in case the virus spread.

The coach thanked the commitment “of the six senior players called, some were in Mykonos or were going to Cancun” and highlighted the communication within the Red: “Very few times I have had a working group between staff and players with this atmosphere, you breathe is something difficult to achieve. I only remember something like that when I was coach of Barça B. “

Luis Enrique spoke of “a show” because of how his players train and that “we are prepared to fight.” For this reason, the Asturian considers that “we are in the list of favorites, among the 6-7 favorite teams for sure. I am delighted with this responsibility and pressure.”

The coach of the Spanish team said that he had spent hours “that are not pleasant” waiting for the results of the PCR and that they have advanced them at 8:00 am. to have the results before training in the afternoon, but that “we have had a worse time.” In this sense, Luis Enrique spoke of “a child’s play compared to something that I have had to live.”

Lucho is preparing the matches “without videos because we cannot meet, with a blackboard and yesterday we were groups of ten” with the hope of working together over the weekend and once again put in value his call: “I call the best, no the ones that I like the best for being handsome or short. I don’t care if they play in Peru or Chile. I call on those who agree with my football idea. “


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