How is Joaquín Caparrós handling confinement?


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With a lot of discipline and strictly complying with everything they tell us in addition to wishing that everything is normalized as soon as possible. There is one day left. This is the only way we can to fight the virus

I imagine looking forward to traveling to Armenia to take over the national team?

This is because the first experience was very short but intense. I was barely four days and I had to go back for the coronavirus. Four days where I signed the contract, I met the president, the residence of the players and we began to plan what we are going to do. He didn’t give us more time. From here we are now having time to get to know more things, to know what football is like in this country, talking a lot with Ginés Meléndez. I am wishing I could go there to start working

Because this Covid thing left you with honey on your lips

The truth is. I was 24 hours a day focused on knowing everything they have there. Starting by meeting the president, the residence staff, in person. They have magnificent facilities with 10 soccer fields, a very good residence with large dining rooms. Ginés had already told me.

And what is the objective that you set yourself?

Well, take another step in the soccer of that country. It is a guarantee that Ginés is there because I have known him since he was my teacher in 1985. He has an incredible capacity, he has very clear ideas regarding soccer. There is also Antonio Flores in the Sub 21. I have always considered myself a team maker and I love the idea of ​​being in a team like the one in Armenia.

And the rest is to qualify the team for the Qatar World Cup

That is the great objective and for that we are going to work. We are already monitoring all the players by video, and we also intend when we can see them live in the leagues where they play. And then there are the lower categories where players must also start for the absolute in the medium term

The territorial presidents warned him about his candidacy for the national team bench

Now that this coaching opportunity comes to you, what was true of the Spanish team?

Well, what they told me from the media and what came to me then from the territorial presidents with whom I had a very good relationship and who then had a weight when making the decision about who could be the coach. But it never came to me from the RFEF president himself. All that period made me very excited and I even gave up team offers because I wanted to be released if the team called me

And what do you think of Luis Enrique as coach and his return?

When Luis Enrique took over the team for the first time he played a great role. Then he had to leave due to force majeure. But he never said he was leaving then I think that the RFEF acted well leaving the door open on his return. What happened to Robert Moreno I do not know. Luis Enrique deserved to return to the national team.

Where do you see this selection for Eurocup 2021?

Our soccer is at the highest. Before we used to buy football and now we sell it: our way of working, the lower categories, etc. We have a lot of quantity and a lot of quality. Spain also has great technicians from lower categories.
I have no doubt that our team will be at the top, aspiring to the maximum in the Euro Cup, which is nothing more than being able to win it; and opting for the semifinals or final in the next World Cup.

Caparrós spoke of the future of Luis Enrique and the Armenian team | EFE

It is good that football returns

Well let’s talk about our league. Do you understand that the league will return after what happened?

Zero risk does not exist right now with this pandemic and I think it is very good that football returns. It is a very important industry and also soccer transmits positive news. People are eager for football to return, they will have to do it with all protocols and security. It is very good that football returns ..

Even if it’s behind closed doors …

Without a doubt it is a rare sensation that will have to be adapted along with the summer temperatures. Luckily, as it is behind closed doors, and despite being played in the summer, there is no obligation to play in the hot hours, but you can play the games in the last hours of the day so that everyone can follow you on television. I already lived a game behind closed doors in a Valencia- Deportivo de Copa that we played in Mestalla.

Supports players’ stance on rallies

What do you think of the controversial concentrations that soccer players oppose?

The truth that the subject of the concentrations would have to be seen. After two months in the house, it doesn’t seem logical to go into a room alone now, without relating to anyone. It doesn’t seem logical and I don’t think it’s necessary

Does Athletic Club’s decision about the Cup final seem logical to you? You know that club well ..

It tells you how different that club is from the rest. An institution that puts a feeling before its hobby before going to Europe. The Copa del Rey is the Athletic Club competition and there would be no point playing the final behind closed doors. I totally identify with the decision

Well once the League returns, whoever sees the favorite pays the title ..

Well be careful because there can be many surprises. It will be key how the teams adapt to this new situation. If a team is able to take a positive streak of five or six games, taking into account that there are eleven days left, it can cause changes in the title, in Europe, in the positions to avoid relegation. Eye for surprises

And what about your Seville? A success ending in the Champions League?

Logically he aspired to get into the Champions League and if he finally succeeds it will be a real success. Not only from the sporting point of view but by the economic injection, and more with the scenario that is coming upon us. The teams that are not in Europe will have a hard time because the contracts with the footballers have to be fulfilled.

Is Lopetegui DNA Sevilla?

He’s adjusting really well. Football is the results and these prove that a club like Sevilla is acclimating very quickly. Lopetegui is a technician Made Sevilla