Luis de la Fuente hopes that Luis Enrique will win the Eurocup and continue for many years on the bench of Spain

06/08/2021 at 11:38 PM CEST

Luis de la Fuente ran as future coach of the senior team after the win against Lithuania (4-0) in the last friendly before the Euro. Of course, the U21 coach pointed out that he expects Luis Enrique to be in office for many years.

“I am enjoying my work and at the disposal of what the RFEF says. I have fulfilled a dream. I am proud to have directed even once to the absolute and I hope that in the future it will be repeatable. I see myself prepared and I hope that the times are fulfilled, but without haste “said a De la Fuente who made it clear that his dream had no desire to move the chair to the current Spanish coach:”We have a great coach, who is Luis Enrique, and I hope that he will lead us to be European champions and that he will last for many years.& rdquor ;.

De la Fuente was very happy for his players, who had the opportunity to debut with the senior team because of Sergio Busquets’ positive: “I am proud of the players who have performed exceptionally these last two years.. Its growth has been exceptional. I am proud to have enjoyed good people with many values ​​and from whom I have learned a lot, because they are very generous. “

The U21 coach explained that before the game he invited his players to enjoy the moment: “We have tried to value the moment we were going to live, a unique moment that I hope can be repeated. We had the opportunity to go down in history, to debut with the absolute and in a very difficult situation for society“.

De la Fuente, also responsible for the Olympic team, explained that he will give the list for the Olympic Games in Japan at the last moment, when he knows the players he can count on: “Under normal circumstances we would have already been pending the European Championship, but in the current situation we cannot have any foresight. We will rush the timeframes to make mistakes as little as possible“.

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