Marrying his girlfriend in a music video made Luis Coronel want to do it in real life, too, though not immediately.

“It is a very beautiful experience that I would like to live in some future,” the Mexican regional music singer told The Associated Press in a recent interview from his home in Tucson, Arizona, where he was born.

Coronel, who has had a six-year relationship with Cristina Bernal, appears marrying her in the video for “Una historia más”, filmed in Sayulita on the Mexican Pacific coast, but soon after they both suffer an accident and she dies.

“It was something very interesting that she was the model for my video,” said the 24-year-old musician, adding that thanks to that he could feel very intensely the emotion required to give drama to the story.

“One more story,” released in late April, is the title track for their fourth studio album.

The album includes collaborations with Los Ángeles Azules, Los Recoditos and La Séptima Banda, and songs that are not only optimistic but also heartbreaking, such as “Próximamente nada” and “Mentirosa”.

“I wanted to try something new, something more mature and I am grateful that people are accepting it,” said the interpreter.

With Los Ángeles Azules he performs “Soltero”, a danceable song that talks about the desire to go out alone in search of adventure. The idea was to record a music video with the group of Mexican cumbia, but at the moment the plans are on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Canelo” Álvarez, Leo Messi, Ben Affleck or the Resident himself give passionate kisses in quarantine in the video “Before the world ends”.

“For all singles, the song is definitely very cool and they are going to enjoy it very much,” said Coronel.

The collaboration with Los Recoditos, “What are we doing for ourselves”, invites you to drink if that’s what you want. “What do we do (the crazy ones), if you like pistear, open a beer!” Coronel said humorously. The song was recorded before vocalist Luis Ángel Franco “El Flaco” left the group.

Having these two groups was “an honor” for Colonel, but having La Séptima Banda was especially exciting because it was a dream of his mother.

“It is an achievement as a son to have a song with your favorite band,” Coronel said.

With them he performs “No es que me gustas”, a joyous song in which he expresses to the girl he is interested in that he does not like, loves, and has been on the popularity charts since its launch in late 2019.

The video was filmed in Colombia in early March, just before confinement by the coronavirus.

During the quarantine, Colonel has not only been at home composing. He has also been working on a sportswear line that he plans to launch later this year, bearing a palm tree logo in honor of his father, who worked cutting palms and passed away eight years ago.

To those who cannot contain the desire to throw parties during the pandemic, he asks that they please avoid the crowds, which in some cases have had to be dispersed by the police.

“Don’t throw these parties. You are putting yourselves in danger. If you feel that you are free from pain, from feelings you are wrong, ”he said. “Those parties … (are) where everything begins, is where the contagion begins,” he said.

In the coming months Coronel hopes to start releasing new singles from what would be his fifth album.