Luigi’s Mansion 3 It was one of the great bombings of Nintendo and video games in general of the past 2019. The return of Luigi’s brother with his own saga, which began at the time of the GameCube, did it in style, with sales and criticism more than remarkable and with several awards behind him. But this new game also brought with it something never seen before in the Luigi’s Mansion saga, extra downloadable content. Exactly, we talk about Luigi’s Mansion 3 multi-game pack, a grouping of two sets that were released in March and in April respectively, focused on local and online multiplayer with new mini-games for Luigi vs. Luigi, themed costumes and Tower of Challenges levels.

But is it extra content for everyone? In this article we break down everything included in the complete pack to answer this question and show it in detail.

Preparing to have a great time alone or with friends

The Luigi’s Mansion 3 multigame pack consists, as we have already said, of two sets of minigames and costumes for the Tower of Challenges. Specific, each set has 3 new stages for Luigi vs. Luigi and three costumes to play in the Tower of Challenges that, putting it on, increases the probability of playing at a special level according to our appearance. In addition, we are also given the E-type flashlight, with which we can observe our Ectochucho when lighting with it. In total we talk about 6 mini-games, 6 costumes for Luigi, 6 themed levels of the Tower of Challenges and the type E flashlight for a price of 9.99 euros. All this content (except the flashlight) is focused, as its name indicates and we have already mentioned previously, in the multiplayer part that includes Luigi’s Mansion 3, which is based on this tower and in Luigi’s confrontations against Luigi.

If you have not yet done with the game or you have not explored these functions (which can be enjoyed without the multi-game pack, the only thing with fewer options available), we briefly explain what each mode is. In Luigi vs. Luigi, exclusive way to play locallyWe have to face other friends and / or family in fun mini-games as if it were a Mario Party. In the Challenge Tower, Nevertheless, we are given the option to play locally or online, either with friends or with other players around the world (a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required for this). Here we have to overcome 5, 10 or 20 floors (as we choose) of the tower trapping the ghosts that are in it, dodging the traps or finding the lost Toads with a time limit that, in case of reaching 0, It ends our « climb », so coordination with other players is essential.

In this way, we have two multiplayer game modes that are enriched by the multi-game pack, although with the « disappointment » that Luigi against Luigi stays in a local mode and it cannot be enjoyed with other players online as it happens with the Tower of Challenges. But let’s go back to the initial question, is it extra content for everyone? Yes and no. The multi-game pack of Luigi’s Mansion 3, both for its price and for what it offers, can be a great purchase if we are to play a lot with family or friends, since it increases the number of mini-games from 3 to 9, which makes those homemade «competitions» even more fun and varied, and brings those new levels to the Tower of Challenges that, like in the case of Luigi Against Luigi, he brings more variety to games. However, If you are one of those who play alone most of the time, it may not be entirely useful. All this will depend on whether or not you play a lot of the Tower of Challenges, in which case, and given its price, it could continue to be a more than acceptable option for everything said so far. Don’t know what minigames and outfits are included to see if you jump into the Luigi’s Mansion 3 multigame pack or not? Do not worry, we will detail them below.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multi-Game Pack Set 1

Set 1 of the multi-game pack includes, as we said at the beginning, three mini-games and three Luigi costumes with their respective levels of the Tower of Challenges. In the case of suits, we have Green Knight, Luigi Disco and Momiluigi, accompanied by the floors of the medieval castle, the disco and the eternal suites. Regarding minigames, we have:

Electrified fighter: We have to capture the largest number of ghosts, avoiding the ground panels when they light up, since, unlike Ghostbusters (one of the mini-games that are included in Luigi’s Mansion 3 without the need for the multi-game pack), these panels release a download electric that, in case of hitting us, makes us lose points.

Dodgeball: A game well known by all (although its name may differ depending on where you are each), in which, with the GOM-1L Succionaentes, we have to target and shoot the rival Luigis (or Gomiluigis), trying to avoid give us a total of 3 touches or we will be out of action.

Hectic River: A swan float, coins and … a waterfall? In this minigame, we have to get the largest number of coins avoiding the logs and traps that float in the river and that can take us to the waterfall that, in case of falling, makes us lose all the coins.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multigame Pack Set 2

In the case of set 2 of the multiplayer pack, we find the same content (in terms of number) as in the first. In this case, the three Luigi outfits included are Luigi bucanero, Paleontoluigi and The amazing Luigi, next to its floors of the Tower of Challenges «El Salmonente», the museum of Supernatural History and the magical suites. Thus, the minigames unlocked in this set are:

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Dark Hockey: Air hockey in the recreation rooms at home and with Luigi as the protagonist. With the GOM-1L Succionaentes, we have to put the discs in the opposite goal and prevent them from getting into ours, with different sizes and points.

Floating delusion: An obstacle course between rapids and water mines aboard a swan float, in which the first to pass the finish line wins after 3 laps on the circuit.

The right measure: The right price, so that we understand each other. We are indicated a weight on the scale and, with the GOM-1L Suction Pump, we have to absorb or expel both sand and weights until we get as close as possible to the indicated weight, being able to throw bombs at our rivals. Whoever gets the most points wins.

With all this in mind, the conclusion is simple. The Luigi’s Mansion 3 multi-game pack can be a good option for any player for what it offers and the price at which it does, being a (mini) Mario Party, but it is a much better option, almost necessary, for those who have the opportunity and the desire to play often with friends or family locally, its strong point without a doubt. It is a shame that the Luigi vs. Luigi mode has been limited to the local game, as it could have reached even more public to play all its mini-games through online, since they are all very good and fun, which will leave aside of the players without being able to experience them.

We have made this article thanks to a DLC code from the Luigi’s Mansion 3 multi-game pack provided by Nintendo Spain.