Ludwika Paleta and Paulina Goto learn to be mothers without losing their identity

A story of entanglements in which two completely opposite women discover that their daughters were changed at birth, will lead the public, says one of its protagonists, to discover « that there is no perfect way to be a mother. » And since Paulina Gotto still does not have children, she tells in an interview that she had to study motherhood, an experience that for Ludwika Paleta, has been the way in which she understood that in life, you cannot be controlling.

“When you face situations that are out of your control, that’s when you learn the most,” says Ludwika and shares: “I have three children, with the great battling at the time, but now that I have twins, they are completely different, when they I might think that since they are the same age, they would behave similarly, I have to learn to deal with what is coming, to flow instead of trying to control, because when I try to control I go crazy and I think that’s what happens to Ana and everyone the moms ”.

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Series like this, says the actress who gives life to a woman who is torn between her professional and family life, “they speak to these women, so that they realize that it can be done, because that’s the way it is, I can do it myself I’m a mom and I don’t stop working ”.

Although, he acknowledges, prejudices regarding the role of women prevail. “When I got married the second time, many people said that now I was going to stop working; It is curious how even from the media there was this preconceived idea that when women marry comfortably, they no longer have to work, when work comes from a personal need, to earn not just your life and your money, but respect and feel useful, « he says.

“We moms need to be something more. In my grandmother’s time there were no job opportunities for women, they couldn’t vote, they were housewives, wife and mother. Now we are trying to be the people we want to be, the ones we want to be mothers and those who don’t, are finding a place in society ”.

Paulina Gotto agrees. Her character gets pregnant without planning it and faces motherhood alone of her own accord. “I think that no one has to be a single thing, the fact that Mariana wants to explore other areas of her life perfectly complements the theme of motherhood; As a result of this very new experience, she wants to relieve other mothers who may be going through the same thing ”.

In preparing this role, she discovered how women build communities. “When I was researching, I found groups that teach you a lot of things about breastfeeding, they prepare you for childbirth, there are even doulas, who accompany you in pregnancy and delivery. Mariana takes all these things that are happening to her to develop an app, because she needs to earn a living, she does not come from a wealthy family, her mother is a disaster and she acts a bit like her mother’s mother, she has to move, see what goes on As part of his life, he is exploring where he is going to go professionally, but a clear path is opening up ”.

The series is not directed only at women, they conclude. “It’s dramedia and I like that a lot because it is a tone with which, in addition to having fun, there are many moving moments, very beautiful scenes, with which not only women, but everyone will identify, because motherhood and fatherhood, the love that one feels for children is universal, ”says Ludwika Paleta.

Paulina Gotto trusts that “the public will have fun, be entertained, fall in love with history; something that it has is that these women who are so different, who experience motherhood in such a different way, show you that being a mother is a path full of learning.

The series Mother there are only two, written by Carolina Rivera and directed by Fernando Sariñana, will be available on Netflix from January 20.