Ludacris, John Cena and Tyrese Gibson on how crazy ‘Fast & Furious 9’ is: “We’re going to space … Before Tom Cruise!”

John Cena’s enthusiasm is more than contagious. It is very noticeable what a fan of ‘Fast & Furious’ he is, what he likes cars and how grateful he feels to play Jakob Toretto, Dom’s brother (Vin Diesel), in ‘Fast & Furious 9’, a film that hits Spanish cinemas on July 2. “I’m happy just sitting in a car on ‘Fast & Furious’“, says this actor adding that” it is probably good “that they did not ask him when choosing the car his character was going to drive:” I would have spent too much time thinking about it. “

Cena joins for a ninth installment that feels like the beginning of the end, something that Ludacris is not so clear about because “each of the movies seems like the beginning of the end and then it becomes the end of the beginning.” “The ninth installment of ‘Fast & Furious’ is going to answer a lot of questions that fans have asked themselves throughout the eight previous films, and it will also inspire some new“Cena stresses for his part, referring to the effort of the director of this film, Justin Lin, for winking at the entire saga while laying the foundations for the farewell … A few final blows of which, will Jakob be a part? “You never know. ‘Fast’ has introduced characters who have died and have managed to return later. ‘Fast’ is a lot like WWE in the sense that it’s very ‘never say never.

In fact, in this line everything points to Jakob staying, more than anything because the ‘Fast’ team seems to be trying especially hard to reunite the entire Fast Family for the end. At least counting on the members who can return. And it is that unfortunately this for Brian is not possible since the tragic accident that cost Paul Walker’s life, a key piece that everyone continues to miss. “Doing all of this without Paul still feels different. He started the franchise with Vin and Michelle, and I joined the second one. There was a time when we decided to continue to pay tribute to him and let him inspire us“says Tyrese Gibson reiterating that this loss will always be felt.

There were no crazy things

The two veteran interpreters of the saga, Gibson and Ludacris, agree that the “space scene” came to answer the question that is always asked when it comes to re-shooting a ‘Fast & Furious’ movie: but now what are we going to do to improve ourselves? The actor who plays Roman since he made his debut in ‘2 Fast 2 Furious (Full throttle 2)’ jokes that he is not aware of such a feat to avoid giving more details, but ensures that he continues to be surprised by the new occurrences. “It always amazes me how we keep raising the bar. It never happens to me that I arrive on set and think that something we have already done“.

For his part, Ludacris, who also premiered in the second installment of the saga, laughs that ‘Fast & Furious 9’ has opted for such a twist, assuring that he considers this sequence great because it happened to him “like everyone else, who was trying to figure out what the heck we could do that we hadn’t done before, and when they mentioned the space it was like ‘how did I not think of that?’ “. This interpreter also adds a jocular” we are going to space … Before Tom Cruise! ” cinematographic space.

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