Carlos Vives with his daughter, the model Lucy Vives

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In full quarantine, Lucy Live She has left her role as an activist for a while and returned to that of a model, publishing in her account Instagram a photograph with which he seeks to please his more than 737 thousand followers.

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to panic is not to prevent to panic is not cautious or precautious. panic and hysteria are poisonous to us in times of fear and uncertainty. no humor, no faith, no peace, and no compassion is all i’ve witnessed when it comes to the COVID global health crisis we’re enduring. Panic has spread wider and quicker than the virus itself and we seem to be promoting it on every corner of media and commerce. • remembering the power of the mind and the psyche over our physical bodies is IMPERATIVE at a time like this. yes #washyourhands but please, WATCH YOUR MENTAL! • batteries, the disease also attracts the mind • these will be the last black and white photos for a while, we deserve to enter the world again in TECHNICOLOR 🌈 1. creature, painting, and figure art. Los Angeles, CA 2. power, control .. Stamina. New York City, NY 3. My Torso in a Museum in Wisconsin circa 2016 4. One morning in Madrid

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The singer’s daughter Carlos Vives He showed himself in the bathroom, using an elegant Fendi signature jacket that, open, reveals that he does not have underwear, just a black panty that looks out. Lucy wrote the following message next to the image: “Using my best Fendi for this new corner of the house that I am reaching today.”

Lucy Live He has shown a radical stance before the COVID-19 pandemic, not wanting to write much about it, but he has expressed that the humility and unity of the people in this situation is vital to cope with these days.

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bite me but i dont wanna talk about quarentine or COVID-19 .. i don’t wanna see another meme or have a millionth conversation about the same exact thing: “it sucks,” “it’s serious,” “people are dying,” “Wash your hands” “this is gonna get worse before it gets better.” and my favorite: “the world has never seen something This Bad before.” begging the question: what on earth do we fucking know? and more so, what gave us any sort of authority over nature.? everyone on social media is suddenly an expert informer, when the truth is, No One Knows What the Fuck they’re talking about. i encourage us to take this facemask time to shut the fuck up about crap we don’t know shit about. and maybe at the end of this time of solitude and reflection, we can be mentally healthy, functioning, and enriched humans, educated on something more than fear. individuality and forming your own unique opinions is the expression we desperately need. don’t lose yourself through all of this .. don’t subscribe to puppetry • & For those of you who don’t think im taking this seriously, lol I’ve been at the doors of death too many times before to be expected to live, breathe and think as though life is over .. as though i’m no longer free. single and regurgitated narratives about the general have never been free. and I strongly believe everyone deserves a dialogue that is healthy, diverse, loving, conductive, ENRICHING and fucking Free! this is an opportunity, let’s not waste it on regurgitation. ✨ donated $ 2k + these last 3 days to people struggling with unemployment, medical fees, rent, groceries and even a needed midwife for an at-home labor! thank you all for reaching out at these vulnerable times and for those who donated to make this possible! unity and humility is the best thing about this shitstorm 📸 @bryceellphoto for 👠 @lamoda

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education • I am from Puerto Rico, there on my island, the coquis know my name. but here nobody knows my flag … they confuse it with the Cuban … and that does not bother me because we are “two wings of the same eagle” (lola rodriguez de tió) if it were not that they confuse us with independent nations … autonomous nations … they confuse it with a paradise that is not Cologne. In my house, the confusions clear up … clear up to grow and evolve. to stop erasing the history of the Puerto Rican homeland is not just a dream, nor a vocation, nor to become the “most activist” … it is a duty as a citizen and it is a human right. The history of Puerto Rico is being erased by the American academic institutions. Documents that are “public property” remain secret … but I come today to teach thanks to my compatriot. United Puerto Rico is stronger than you think … but this continues, the fight continues, and I do not give up. keep unfollowing me if you wanna only focus on bullshit trending topics… 2020 vision. we are beings of light .. if we choose. get the fuck out if you don’t care about shit but yourself. no one needs you here, where we must fight for liberty, compassion, love and Education.

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