Lucy Liu recounts her experience in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ when Bill Murray began to “vomit insults”

More than two decades have passed since that film version of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, a film centered on the three female spies from Charlie Townsend’s agency, to have Bill Murray as Deputy Bosley. In all this time, Liu has not wanted to give his version of an incident from which rivers of ink flowed in his day, an altercation on the set that, according to this actress, was covered in a very macho way by the press. Now Liu, on the ‘Asian Enough’ podcast, has finally wanted to talk about what happened.

Liu starts by specifying that his confrontation with Murray occurred during the rehearsal of a scene that had been rewritten without Murray knowing anything about it. “We had taken the weekend to go back to work on that particular scene and Bill Murray couldn’t come because he had a family reunion to attend. So everyone else came along and just made the scene more fluid“, explains this actress.

“I wish I had more to do with [la reescritura], but I did not. Because I was the last to join the cast, and probably had the least decision-making power in terms of creative issuesDespite this, Murray was angry with her, and while Liu does not specify what the actor told him during the scene rehearsal, confirms what was published stating that Murray began to “vomit insults” as soon as he found out about the modifications. Then Liu says he was slow to react because he was like “‘Wow, it seems like he’s looking directly at me'” and adds that “I could not believe” that those comments were directed at her. “What will I have to do with anything really important? So I said ‘excuse me, are you talking to me?’ and he clearly was, because then he started to focus on me directly“.

Proud of your reaction

Liu is clear that the language used by Murray “was unforgivable and unacceptable”, and so he decided to stand up to him despite being the last monkey on that shoot. “I defended myself and I do not regret it. Because it does not matter if you are the last monkey or where you come from, no need to patronize or belittle anyone. I do not want to be that person who is not going to speak for himself and defend the only thing I have, which is my dignity and respect for myself. “

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