We are going to put a little bit of German gravel following a little the aggressive and fiery line of the Deathtraps. We went to Germany, specifically to Hamburg, to introduce to this house some guys with a lot of adrenaline in their bodies and more bad milk, some guys that maybe you would not like to cross the street, or maybe yes, who knows. Today’s protagonists are LUCIFER STAR MACHINE, a combo formed in 2015 and with a debut album in 2016, Rock’N’Roll Martyrs, which left a very good taste in the mouth. They have recently released with their debut album Devil’s Breath (2020). Put on your gloves well, put on the mouth corrector correctly and protect your chin well because this band likes to punish jaws very well …

You will not feel precisely ‘The Void’ with the Germans !!!…

And what the hell are the Lucifer Star Machine billing? Well, it’s actually a hybrid between hardcore punk, punk’n’roll and heavy rock’n’roll, come on if you get grumpy like Psychopunch, The Bones, V8 Wankers, Turbo AC’s, etc, … you are going to enjoy it beautifully. Despite the fact that he is selling them to you as a brutal combo and ‘in pinion’ they are not really so much, his songs are not photocopies of each other and the work of melodies and choirs is visible and much of that base rhythmic spirit that seems to give no respite. “Baby When You Cry”, “The Night Is Young” or the cover of “El Camino Real” and “Pretender”, the latter Märvelianas butt, will contrast with the whiplash and hatred overturned in hardcore punk’n’roll as the initial “The Void”, “Eat Dust” or the spit-fire “Evil Blood”. Curiously, the album ends with “Devil’s Breath”, an acoustic composition with piano accompaniment that says a lot about the versatility of a band that can fool the first changes but that does not disappoint at all if you persist …

The Devil’s Breath by Lucifer Star Machine



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Lucifer Star MachineThe Devil’s Breath

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