‘Lucifer’: Joe Henderson, co-showrunner of the series, confirms how many episodes the final season will have

‘Lucifer’ Returns May 28 With Season 5B Premiere, some episodes that come to complete this penultimate part of the infernal journey starring Tom Ellis, which has finally been reorganized after many months of uncertainty. And it is that the plans of this successful Netflix supernatural series they ruined the pandemic, a difficulty that has been increased with that peculiar filming that many productions now face.

Filming facing all the prevention measures required by the health crisis caused by the coronavirus has been a challenge, but finally the team has reached the end of the road. It was recently confirmed by the stars of this fiction, Ellis, Aimee Garcia or Lesley-Ann Brandt, dismissing the filming of a sixth and final season of which we have already begun to confirm some details.

From the hand of Joe Henderson, co-showrunner of the series, we just made sure how many episodes this goodbye will have. 10 chapters will close this story that has enjoyed an extra season to conclude its plots, and is that originally Netflix only planned to have five installments. In an interview with wordballoon, Henderson has officially announced such duration as already suggested by TVLine, an approach to a goodbye with more margin that initially shocked the team. “When we go from 10 to 16, [al principio] we think, “how do we do this?” But literally in three days it was the opposite: “how could we have told the story without these plots?”. [el cambio] It ended up giving us the opportunity to explore Lucifer in a primal version of himself, “Henderson said of a change they are taking advantage of to play with the characters in special episodes.

Happy ending

“We were canceled, rescued, renewed thanks to our global fan base, we had to lock ourselves in during a pandemic and we have still managed to have fun and play thanks to our amazing ‘Lucifer’ family.” Garcia underlines saying goodbye to her beloved Ella, a character to whom this actress feels grateful. The same thing happens to Brandt with his Mazikeen, to whom he addressed directly in his farewell post stating that “on this, our last day, I feel with immense gratitude for having told your story.”

Thus the main cast of ‘Lucifer’ put an end to the filming of that sixth season that will close the series with 10 episodes, a farewell that for now will have to wait because the fans have not yet finished enjoying the fifth season, which premieres its second part on May 28 on Netflix.