Luciana Salazar clarified the mysterious tweet that she dedicated to Luis Miguel after seeing the fifth chapter of the series

Luis Miguel

Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Fan of Luis Miguel the series, a Luciana Salazar he likes to look at it and remember old times. Thus, while enjoying the latest episode available on Netflix, he tweeted: “Haha watching episode 5 of Luismi’s second season and vocalizing with the noise of the motorcycle, it brought me a nice memory”She wrote mysteriously.

Let’s remember that Luciana had a fleeting romance with the Mexican singer in 2003, in the middle of a tour in Buenos Aires. They met at a dinner set up by Marley attended by several girls, including Luciana Salazar.

Consulted in Los Angeles in the morning, the eltrece program, Luciana clarified the tweet: “Once I told Luismi that I was beginning to study singing and I asked him for tips. He told me that he vocalized with the noise of a motorcycle and seeing that scene in the series made me laugh and brought back memories”.

The notero of the cycle that Ángel De Brito leads wanted to know later if Luismi is a good lover. “With that subject I am particular, you know. I am not talking about my private life “, he added” Is it true that he was the third in disagreement when he was in a relationship with Aracely Arambula? ” “I don’t take care of anything that is said“He added mischievously.

Finally, Luciana said that she does not believe that she will appear in the series soon: “Not me, but my cousin Julieta (Ortega) is. They shared a time when they were studying at the Actor’s Studio. Luismi is the producer and if he is on top of the script, he must have some veracity. And it surely shows what you want to see and what not, no.

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