Lucía Guilmáin left due to the virus, never had symptoms

Lucía Guilmáin left because of the virus, she never had symptoms (Reform)

Lucía Guilmáin left because of the virus, she never had symptoms | Reform

A surprising loss! Actor Juan Ferrara has revealed that his sister’s departure Lucia Guilmáin It was more than untimely, since he lost his life as a result of the current virus, but he did not even know he had it, since he never presented symptoms.

The brother of the first Mexican actress shared that everything was very unexpected since there was no reason to suspect that Lucia Gutierrez Puerta She was sick, much less that her body was fighting the virus.

The famous 78-year-old did not present any symptoms of Covid-19; However, the day Lucía Guilmán unfortunately lost her life, a test had been carried out, which confirmed that it was the cause of her departure.

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Ferrara shared that his sister’s son was quite restless after going to visit her with his family, so he asked him to take the test, it was that situation, which revealed the presence of the virus in the daughter of Ofelia Guilmáin. Just hours after the COVID test was performed, the famous television celebrity lost her life.

It was unexpected, there were no symptoms, there was no reason to think. When her son went to visit her with the family they told her that tomorrow they would do the test to be calmer, the test was done at 9 in the morning and at 2 in the afternoon he died, it was something very sudden, confessed Juan Ferrara to Javier Posa.

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo and Óscar, son of Lucía Guilmáin, were in charge of giving the unfortunate news to the followers of the famous actress of productions such as The privilege of loving Y Love neighborhood through their social networks.

Juan Ferrara confessed that his sister looked quite healthy, she looked normal; however, she went to lie down and there she remained, gone, asleep, thus was her peaceful departure. Lucia’s family was still with her, they were the ones who spoke to her and realized that she was no longer among us. Ferrara asked people to be very attentive, since the virus has everyone hanging by a thread.

As at 2 in the afternoon he went to the bathroom, he returned to his bed. Her grandchildren, her daughter-in-law, her son Raúl were there, then they began to talk to her and she did not answer, she was in a hurry, and suddenly she left. This virus moves in such a way that we are hanging by a thread, we must be very careful.

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The actor shared that unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, he and his sister had not seen and hugged each other for a year; However, they maintained constant communication and the expressions of affection did not stop flowing between them.

Juan Ferrara shared that Covid-19 has not only taken away his sister, but also his job, since he has not had opportunities in all this time, but he has tried to take it with the best of attitudes and decided that it would be his sabbatical.