In the summer of 1998, the late Lorenzo Sanz entrusted the destinies of Real Madrid to José Antonio Camacho after conquering the Champions League with the German Jupp Heynckes on the bench.


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The Madrid entity announced the arrival of the legendary left back on June 17, 1998 and so only 22 days after Cieza’s announced his departure due to discrepancies on the contract of which was going to be the physical trainer, Carlos Lorenzana.

In this abrupt way, the reunion between a player who had been a member of the white club for 15 seasons between 1974 and 1979 and that two months later he took over the Spanish team.

Well, a quite similar situation although with different motivations has just been experienced in soccer Ukraine convulses with renowned Romanian coach Mircea Lucescu.

Dynamo Kiev surprised last Thursday July 23 by announcing the signing of Lucescu, 74, as the new coach for the next two campaigns of the team founded in 1923 on the initiative of the Soviet secret police.

The decision was very strange and full of doubts. The Romanian had directed Shakhtar Donetsk for 12 seasons, Dinamo’s great rival at a sporting level and also with strong political overtones.

And is that Donetsk is the hub of the Donbass, one of the pro-Russian separatist zones (along with Lugansk) who is still at war with the Ukrainian central power and who rebelled in his day in parallel with the 2014 ‘Maidan’, which led to the flight of President Yanukovich and the subsequent coup d’etat that encouraged the international community .

Lucescu, with the President on the day of his presentation | DINAMO KIEV

As soon as the news was announced, messages of terrible taste began to circulate on social networks against Lucescu. One of them showed a rope over his head of the technician with the inscription: « The head above, mister ».

« The appointment of Mircea Lucescu means the loss of the last crumbs of self-esteem and dignity. When things like this happen in the club, You can’t stay aside! We will resist! « Proclaimed the radicals of Dynamo Kiev.

Thus the things, the former Turkish coach has chosen to leave before starting work « because of the aggressiveness of the fans » just four days after posing with President Ihor Surkis.

Mircea Lucescu, in the Champions against Guardiola’s Barça | .

Lucescu has an extraordinary career in which he has directed, among others, Dinamo Bucharest, Inter, Reggiana, Galatasaray, Besiktas, Shakhtar and Zenit, in addition to the teams from Romania and Turkey.

In fact, during his time at Shakhtar he reached quarterfinals in the 2010-11 season, in which he lost to FC Barcelona that Pep Guardiola directed.