Lucero tells all the details about his current relationship with Mijares

After 10 years of being divorced, bright Star reveals how his relationship with his ex is to date, Manuel Mijares, who is also the father of his 2 children, Lucerito Y Jose Manuel.

After the separation of these two greats and knowing that they had two children in common, doubts arose among fans about how would this relationship that they maintain. After a decade, the interpreter of “Llorar” spoke publicly about this coexistence.

“When you have a way of thinking and being congruent, and you are moderately intelligent, you try to lead things on the right track. I’ve always said it, Manuel [Mijares] and I got divorced and stopped being spouses, but we were still friends ”, the singer accepted in a virtual interview. “I have always been very proud to have that dad for my children and he says the same about me. And that is wonderful ”.

Lucero also mentioned that their similar way of being has helped them to have a good relationship even after marriage. Of course, he made it clear that although their treatment is respectful and good, they do not dare to go on a trip together with their new partners, it’s all about respect and cordiality.

“Our education, values, principles, ideas, way of educating the kids, we always agree very much on all that”, “We continue to have a super relationship. I’m not going to talk about currencies of we go on a trip together, no. We are more conservative. There is nothing wrong with it, there are people who do it and it’s great, but we have a way of being, I think very similar ”, clarified the also actress.

Meanwhile, Lucero is still in the next concerts that she will offer virtual concerts to all her fans and that are very important to her. since they are part of his celebration for the 40 years that he has already been in the artistic world.