Lucerito Mijares and his parents’ advice against criticism

We knew it was a matter of time before Lucerito, Lucero and Mijares’ youngest daughter, demonstrated the musical talent she inherited from her parents. Little by little, the 16-year-old begins to make her way and the interviews are no longer focused on her parents as it used to be until a few months ago. Not only did she find her way to her dreams in fame, she has also met with criticism. Luckily, she has the experience and advice of her parents to know how to deal with them.

Lucero, daughter of Lucero and Mijares© @ luceroftbuenfil @rogeeseLucero Mijares follows in the footsteps of mom and dad in show business

“(My parents) told me not to pay attention to bad comments, which I say, there are always many more good than bad,” said the young woman during an interview with a TV program The young woman is at a vulnerable age, and accepted that there are criticisms that do affect her.

“Sometimes they can, let’s say, affect you a little,” he said. And it is that in recent weeks, La Beba, as they affectionately call her, has been more present on social networks for her theater debut. In an interview with Hoy Día, he added: “I think I let them pass. Always be simple, never be the protagonist, “he said.

She, the happiest

In the backstage of the play La Jaula de las Locas, Lucerito shows the great friendship he has with the actor Gerry Pérez. Together with him he stars in funny videos that the followers of both enjoy.

Days ago, the young woman surprised by wearing a wig with a hairstyle similar to her mother’s. In a matter of seconds, Lucerito began to sing Cuéntame, one of Lucero’s hits, with a small performance with his friend. It was in this sketch that the fans of Lucero and Mijares noticed the girl’s great resemblance to her mother and applauded one more detail of her great talent.

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